>UPDATE: The never ending annoyance of Mrs. Sheehan

>I am afraid Mrs. Sheehan is a bit of a fraud, supported by a fawning press. I was around Washington in the Vietnam era, when 250,000 people descended on the city to protest the war – more than once. Huge anti war rallies in almost every major city. THAT was significant. The fact she draws only a few hundred “Bush bashers” after weeks of intense media promotion suggests more hype than reality. She draws less than one-hour attendance at the Crawford country fair.

I guess there is just too much “cry for the cameras” to be sincere. The fact that she has a controlled blog and public relations firm suggests a carefully crafted image. It is almost never reported that she had referred to Bush as a “lying bastard,” filth spewer,” “evil maniac” and the world’s “biggest terrorist.”

And … she already had a meeting with Bush and another with top aides. She poses no real questions that remain unanswered. She is a person seemingly driven more by obsessive hatefulness and virulent vanity than sincere sorrow. She dishonors the heroism of her son, and will cause more deaths of soldiers and civilians by emboldening the truly evil killers. How dare this phony demand more – and shame on the press for building this mole hill into a media mountain.

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