>UPDATE: Cindy off to the clinker.

>You ever get the feeling you’re watching a Saturday Night Live parody of a war protest. The arrest of the mourning-after mother, Cindy Sheehan, is almost that funny.

It is widely reported that she took up her position in front of the White House for the sole purpose of getting arrested — or, more accurately, for the sole purpose of getting lots of publicity for getting arrested. But, give her credit, she accomplished her mission.

Hey! Is that a big grin on her face? Yes! Yes! Cindy Sheehan is smiling — one of those really self satisfied smiles. She is one smug happy lady. And, why not? She just got the gift she had hoped for. A real arrest. She is now a bone fide member of the great Civil Protest Society of America. She has proven herself so dedicated to “the cause” that she will endure the swift sword of justice. Not that it is a terribly sharp sword.

She will suffer about as about as much as getting picked up for a DUI. A trip to the station, then out on the streets awaiting a trial date. Maybe a fine, no jail time. Actually, she will be treated much better than a drunken drive … even though her actions are likely to kill a lot more people.

Perhaps she will come out of the police station with a couple of self inflicted bruises, and a tale of the brutality of the cops. Remember, she is the one who cautioned about the coming violence during her camping out vacation outside the Bush ranch. I say cautioned, but her delivery suggested a certain hopefulness. I am not talking people getting killed, or badly hurt — she just could have used a bit of rough stuff to further her woe-is-me victim charade.

Well, it is good to know she can smile. Quite a difference from all those other photos of people getting arrested — crouching down, looking angry or scared. Then there are the folks who hid behind hats and newspapers. Not Cindy. She knows a good thing when she sees it. You go girl!! Directly to jail … do not pass “Go.”

P.S. I could have made some wise crack about that police hand between her legs as the sources of that smile, but that would be beneath my dignity.

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