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>REACT: Stroger: No Stroke of Genius

>While both the concerned and the critics eagerly await some sign that Cook County Board President John Stroger will soon life a finger on his own behalf, the people’s business is grinding to a halt. Stroger wannabes, including son Todd, are performing a political ballet as they attempt to jockey for position while pretending not to be — and providing minimal details while pretending to be keeping the public informed.

Recently, the Board of Commissioners passed on the opportunity to force the hand of the Stroger inner circle but rejecting a resolution that would force the fallen prince of Cook County to either silently relinquish his throne, or prevent forced abdication by rising in his own defense. In his current condition, however, Stroger is incapable of rising in his own defense. While his name remains on the door, the public has now way of knowing whether there is a function and competent executive operating behind the medical curtain, or whether unelected henchmen have usurped the power of the prince to manipulate events to their short term and long term benefits for as long as possible.

The Commissioners made the right political decision for themselves in rejecting the effort to bring clarity and conclusion to the Stroger melodrama. It just was a very bad decision for the public for whom they ostensibly serve.

>He’s baaaaaack!

>Whew!!! That was a long time between blog thoughts. Seems a trip to China, moving home and office, and an unbelievable load of work took me off blog duty for several weeks. This is no way to treat my readers … so a sincere apology to both of you.