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>REACT: Kansas judge overrules God.


As part of our continuing effort to understand why judges need armed protection, we have yet another example of our judiciary out of control. In this case, we are dealing with judicial malfeasance by virtue of stupidity.

Seems like an unnamed young Kansas woman wanted to be a mother, but was not interested in intimacy with someone of the necessary opposite sex. So, she finds a good male specimen among her friends and they informally agree (no written contract) to a bit of sperm bank virtual intercourse. The result is a set of twins.

Ms. Penisphobe says she never intended for the guy to have any daddy involvement. Sort of like fish. The male sprays the egg nest …then swims off into anonymity. Mr. Ricochetromance says he always wanted to be a real daddy to his kids.

Oh! Did is say “his” kids. Not so, according to a Kanas judge.

The court ruled that the sperm donor is in no way the father. He has no more relationship to the twins “than does the taxi driver who rushed their mother to the hospital …” Here we have some a judge overruling science … and God.

If, in a night of drunken abandon, the good lady had suspended her penis anxiety and allowed her equally drunken friend of moment of foolish romping, they still might have had twins, and the courts would be declaring visiting rights — and hold the guy responsible for 18 years of support payments. Same people. Same egg and sperm. Same twins. The only difference was the proximity of the penis to the birthing chamber.

Hopefully, there remains some sanity at the appellate level, where this case is heading.

>Farewell to my Chinese friend.


Time flies. It seems like only a short time ago that Xu Jinzhong was posted in Chicago as the new Chinese Consul General. Not so.

I recently had two occasions to say good-by to my dear friend. One was at a private dinner to which he invited me and a couple of my friends. The other was a more formal farewell reception attended by a larger number of well-deserved friends. He not only leaves Chicago, but his public duties. He is retiring from active duty, as they say.

Consul General Xu leaves behind a large number of true friends and a record of accomplishment in representing the diverse, and often complicated, issues between the United States and China.

More important than his professional accomplishments has been his great integrity, openness and warm friendly personality.

It has been a pleasure to have worked with him over the past few years. But I am confident that the friendship will endure, and we look forward to seeing citizen Xu and his family in Beijing on our frequent trips to the Middle Kingdom.

Jill and I wish him and his wife great happiness in the future years.

>REACT: Good kid a felon for an essay?

>Well, I certainly did not take long for the Gestapo in Cary, Illinois to make fools of themselves. Let me be clear, I am NOT associating them with the real Gestapo … more like the guys in Mel Brooks’ movies, like The Producers and To Be or Not To Be.

Base on the news stories, they have brought their sleepy little community to the fore of national attention – and none of it good. They managed to take a high school incident and give it more media attention than the debate between the Democrat presidential candidates. THAT is one hell of an accomplishment. They have added a new level of meaning to the word “overreaction.”

What’s the deal?

Well … seems like a young Asian student, Allen Lee, as part of a class assignment, wrote something violent. No argument there. The teacher freaked. With visions of Virginia Tech dancing through her head, she took what she deemed a dangerous document to her superior, and from there it went to the principal. He, in turn, sends Lee’s creative writing to Police. Of course, no one tells the kid’s dad about this.

Now here is the rub, as Shakespeare would say.

According to the LAW, they were not allowed to contact the parents. According to the LAW, they were REQUIRED to bring in the police. This is just the kind of thing that helps you to understand how liberal zealots, lawyers and legislators are screwing up America. But, that’s another issue.

In Cary, we have two fault points. Knowing the idiotic law, the teacher should never have done the equivalent of smashing the fire alarm glass. By all standards, this was a kid well within the range of normal. I think a little teacher-student conversation would have done the trick. By all reports, Lee is a reasonably popular student – not given to dark moody weirdness of past mass killers. He is an honor student. Good family. Okay, so he is a bit quiet.

However, the greater blame belongs to the police. They did not have to arrest the kid and charge him with multiple felonies. A little common sense and an informal visit with the dad and the school officials would have prevented the national outrage. And yes, the police can go to the parents.

Why DID the police arrest him? Because he committed a crime? Way no. They arrested him FOR THE PUBLICITY. Yeah! They, like the comic Gestapo, not only arrested the poor kid, they sent out a press release to make sure the world knew it. A press release, for God’s sake!!! I think this is where the Internet chatterers add … lmao.

Of course, all the officials involved did not seem to care about Lee at all. What will all this false accusation do to his career? What if he is actually convicted of a felony? Will his arrect record follow him through life? (And yes, arrest records are still public information even if you are not prosecuted or acquitted. But that’s another issue, too.)

It is very likely that some of Lee’s career options have already dropped dramatically. No matter what happens next, there will always be a shadow over his reputation. They have damaged him significantly — and undeservedly. It is possible his scheduled entrance into the Marines could be nixed. If that happens, the kid will be elevated to national hero status, and the folks in Cary will be the villans.

My question is: What are the leaders of Cary going to do about the police? Maybe suspension … public scolding and a bad mark in their permanent record?

Oh! Did I forget to mention the obvious racism? Would this have happened if Lee was not Asian – Chinese to be precise? I am betting not. Thanks to the Virginia Tech shooter, Asians are under special scrutiny.

One can only hope that some level of sanity will descend on the little town of Cary, and Lee will be set free, get profuse apologies and be the guest of honor at a school assembly. In a funny sort of way, Lee is a hero for making us aware of how ineptly dangerous are our new laws regarding parental notification and how overzealous school officials can do their own version of damage. It is an example of zero tolerance and mandatory action run amok.

>REACT: Guiliani is right about a Dem in White House

>Have you ever had one of those situations were the truth should never be said out loud? Former New York Mayor and now presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani recently said that the election of a Democrat president is more likely to result in a terrorist attack on the United States that the election of a Republican. Sounds pretty self-serving (which it is), and pretty outrageous (which it is not). Despite the whining of the Donkey presidential wannabes, Rudy-pa-tootie is right.

Before the last election, this blog offered a similar version – that the pending success of the congressional Dems would increase terrorist violence all around the world, but especially in the war torn countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. That prediction has come to pass, although I don’t see any of the new leaders of the Senate and House taking responsibility for it.

The logic is simple, and persuasive. Anything that suggests the United States lacks full resolve and commitment to the defeat of terrorism aids and abets the enemy. In the appeasement and surrender mentality of the liberal Democrat, the terrorists find hope, confidence and renewed determination. Perceiving America as a “house divided,” they naturally fight harder.

It is common sense that they will test the new and weaker America with provocative attacks. They we test the limits with increased carnage. They will find propaganda benefits from the public pronouncement by Senate Leader Harry Reid that the war is “lost.” He is certainly entitled to his opinion, but as the leader of the Senate, he has used his position to betray our fighting men and women. The recruitment efforts of the maniacal mass murders will benenfit from the belief in a possible victory– hence more young men and women volunteering for martyrdom through death and destruction as human bombs.

The election of a surrender at all cost Dem president will be celebrated in terrorist-ville with more bullets and bombs – and the United States will NOT be spared. That is just a fact.