>REACT: Cindy Sheehan breaks pledge … arrrrrgh!

>Alright! Who removed the wooden spike from Cindy Sheehan’s political heart?

Apparently, those of us who celebrated the self-imposed retirement of the self-appointed and self-destructive numero uno America hater were a bit premature in our revelry. Seems the loony lady’s letter of resignation was just another publicity stunt, or a reversible moment of rationality from an otherwise psychotic personality.

She is currently hoofing it in a “march” from George Bush’s homestead in Crawford, Texas to Washington, D.C. — yet another anti-war ritual of little significance beyond the world of the ragtag column of marchers and campers.

Before she even hit the Texas border, Sheehan issued a public threat that if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (seen here with Sheehan — smooch, smooch) does not introduce articles of impeachment against the President by the time Miss Cindy arrives in the nation’s capital, she will run against the Speaker in the next election – and, according to Sheehan’s own assessment, will give Madam Speaker “a run for her money. “

Sheehan is angry at Pelosi, and the whole damn Democrat party, for breaking their campaign promises. (Personally, I am pretty pee oh’d at Sheehan for breaking her promise to retire. So, who is she to talk about breaking promises … eh?)

I doubt Pelosi is breaking into a sweat over the prospect of running against Sheehan. However, I have to lean back and relish the sight of Pelosi being bitten by one of the rabid dogs of peace she and her fellow travelers let loose on the public.

Unlike Sheehan, most of us knew that the Democrats were making every imaginable promise to get elected without much consideration to the problem of keeping those promises. The promises were extravagant because most pundits and politicos did not think the Dems would take control of both houses of Congress, anyway. They never expected to be called upon to fulfill the exaggerated campaign pledges. Once in office, however, the Dems were in a bind. There was no way they could, or should, keep the simplistic campaign pledges to end the war immediately. It would take an obsessed maniacal fool to have expected otherwise.

Oh! Well … that at least explains Sheehan.

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