>REACT: The Cheneys of West Virginia??


What is wrong with Vice President Dick Cheney? I mean, really. After so many years in public life, you would think he would be more careful what he says into microphones.

Recently, the Veep noted that he has “Cheney” ancestors on both his maternal and paternal side. Then he add … “and we don’t even live in West Virginia.” I mean, how stupid can a person get. Everyone knows that he should have referenced ARKANSAS. Geeez.

Maybe he never heard the one … If a couple gets married in Arkansas, but divorced in Illinois, are they still brother and sister?

Country rooooooads, take me hoooome to the plaaaace I beloooooong … West Virginia … mountain momma … take me hoooome, country roads.

Footnote: Sorry about the silliness, but this presidential election thing was getting me crazed.

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