>LMAO: Chicago cops know what they are talking about.

>Chicago’s requirement that their “men (and women) in blue” must live within the city limits has always generated controversy. Periodically, investigative reports ferret out an officer who lives in the burbs. Sometimes some 59-year-old officer claims his childhood bedroom in his mother’s house as the domcile for him, his wife and their six kids — who, for some reason, all go to school in a gated community about 20 miles from “home.”

Some argue that they should be given higher pay for living in the city because of all those taxes the Mayor has imposed on “the City that works.”

But, I thought one cop’s reason for wanting to live in the burbs says it all. This front-line law enforcement officer does not want to live in the city because … have you guessed? … THERE IS TOO MUCH CRIME.

That says it all.

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