>OBSERVATION: Obama sucker punched by a lady

>It is an ancient saying that “whomsoever the gods would destroy, they first make insane.” I prefer to think the gods just make them stupid. Apparently, the imminent implosion of the Barack Obama campaign is preceeded by sudden stupidity.

To fully appreciate this, one has to appreciate the excellence and percision of the campaign to date. They have taken brilliant strategies and executed the flawlessly. They crossed the finish line in the preliminaries with the “dark horse’ candidate (<– For all you paranoid leftists, who see racism in every utterance, “dark horse” is a political term in use long before African American presidential candidates were even possible.)

John McCain is using Sarah Palin to set up the sucker punch, and Obama is falling for it. Suddenly the campaign is a contest between Obama and Palin. In taking on Palin directly, the Democrat nominee has now lowered himself to the vice presidential level, he his basically neutered Joe Biden, his own vice presidential pit bull, and has taken all the pressure off of McCain. For the time being, McCain and Biden are in the audience in the match of the oratorical Titans.

For the past two days, the top newsmakers in the presidential race have been Obama and Palin — and it appears this will be the case for some days to come. I have said before, in our culture a male candidate cannot beat up on a female candidate. It rubs the electorate the wrong way. NOW … make that a black male beating up on a white female, and the negative response is significanly more intense. I am not saying it’s right, just recognizing the reality of it.

By what leave of their senses the Obamacans have allowed this stupidity to happen, I do not know. If they do not figure a way out of the obvious trap they have so willingly entered, the poll numbers will tip to McCain even more.

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