I TOLD YA SO: Blago hits the celebrity trail

After the booting out of office of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a lot of the smarty pants reporters and pundits were lamenting their belief that the colorful and headline making public official would sink into some sort of oblivion. I predicted that he would continue to maintain high visibility as a celebrity in his own right. Well, one look at his post-ouster national media schedule and you can see that Blago is going to give Paris Hilton a run as the spotlight hog of the year. He even appeared on the David Letterman Show. That’s star status.

Frankly, I’m at a loss to see why so many reporters and columnists think the media tour is so stupid. What do they expect — that he will sulk at home until the feds carry him off to court for a quick trial before he is marched up to the gallows.
The media schtick makes perfect sense. He is getting a lot of criticism for what some think is an attempt to influence future jurors — you know, makes him sort of human, funny and maybe some of his protestations of innocence will be persuasive? And why not? What’s he got to lose.

Granted … he could not deflect the impeachment by the Illinois House and conviction by the Illinois Senate. And despite all the swagger in public, it is mostly likely that he is going to get convicted and sent to the pen. In the meantime, he will be one of the more interesting personalities this side of Drew Pearson.
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