Rolling Stone should be renamed “Rolling Stoned”

Rolling Stone was way to eager to take up a feminist issue that made Neanderthal abusers out of fraternity men and college life something akin of living under the governance of ISIS.  They accepted of this fairy tale story of gang rape as factual, even though they made no effort to check out the facts.  The did not even look for verification among the troubled girls friends or a rebuttal from the accused “knuckle draggers.”  Not only did the editors buy into the sordid story, but they sensationalized it by making it a front page feature.  The embarrassment was palpable.

Well, you think they would learn their lesson.  But, nooooooooooo!

They latest bit of front page fantasy fiction rolled out by  Rolling Stone is that Barack Obama is the greatest president in American history.  You do not have to agree with the many who view Obama as the worst American chief executive, but placing him at the top is as wrong and outrageous as the rape story.  They both are advancing narratives that are grossly untrue, and easily disproved by rational observation and mounds of evidence.  Only the most intellectually compromised Obama-phile could believe such a claim.

What next?  That Al Sharpton is the greatest civil rights leader

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