I am sad over what we are leaving our kids, and here is my view from the Florida Sun Sentinel.

Palm Beach Post

Letters to the Editor

Monday, August 10, 2015


Past generations cheated millennials

I pity the so-called “millennials” and the yet unnamed future generations. They’ve been had.

It is well established that they will not have the high-quality lifestyle of their parents and grandparents — largely because we have consumed their future productivity. For generations to come, they will be paying off the lifestyle luxuries we crafted for ourselves but could not pay for.

So we borrowed their future earnings to cover our desires.

It is yet to be determined just how bad we have damaged their future and their present. For example, we already hurt them by providing student loans that will eat into their incomes for decades.

We have increased the cost of education while diminishing its value. It is fair to ask why the cost of college has risen so much faster than inflation. The answer is simple: Students are not the primary beneficiaries of the money.

It is the colleges’ administrations and faculties that gain the greatest benefit. Schools simply increased their tuitions and fees to grab as much money as possible. Students are the conduit to pass money from the public treasury to the schools.

It is time we start providing for the millennials’ future instead of consuming it.


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