My take on Obama’s failed policies from the Washington Times

People on all sides are now recognizing just how badly President Obama is failing this nation.  He seems incapable of getting away from his belief that America is better surrendering world leadership.

The Washington Times

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


U.S. less safe under Obama

 In response to the bombing of Syria, the Islamic State has downed a Russian airliner, created a night of horror in Paris and suffered a failed attempt in Germany. Can the United States be far behind? These are not failures in surveillance or security. These are failures of policy. More directly, they are the failures of liberal policy and the false value of political correctness. America is less safe today because of President Obama and the radical left he represents. Mr. Obama is a president who refuses to identify the enemy and take action. He withdrew American leadership from the Middle East and enabled the creation of an Islamic State caliphate in the ensuing vacuum. His policy of ‘leading from behind’ is euphemistically a policy of surrender.

Under liberal mythology, our borders do not need to be protected and acts of jihad are redefined as workplace violence. Unimposed red lines, empty threats of ‘bringing the perpetrators to justice’ and victory laps without victory are standard responses to the obvious growth of Islamic terrorism.

We now live under a president who by any definition aids and abets the enemy he refuses to recognize. He returns their combatants to the field of battle even as the war rages. His misguided proportionality is seen in the trade of five high-level Islamic terrorists for a soldier who deserted his country and caused the deaths of fellow military men.

We must see Mr. Obama for what he is: the first un-American president in policy and values. His sympathies too often seem to be with the enemy — and therein lies the problem.

LARRY HORIST, Boca Raton, Fla.

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