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My Letter on school unions from the Florida Sun Sentinel

Florida Sun Sentinel

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, December 29,  2015

 Unions impede great educational outcomes

In a Dec. 28 letter a writer suggested that there would be no public schools if it were not for the education unions. In fact, this nation had a much better public school system for almost 200 years without the dominance of school unions.

What the unions have done is protect and defend failed schools and incompetent teachers. They have become among the largest and most powerful lobbyists in Washington and the state capitals. They wield enormous political influence through the billion-dollar pension funds they control and the millions of dollars they dole out in campaign contributions. It is no coincidence that their greatest political influence is with the big city Democratic machines where the worst education in America takes place.

School unions are bulwarks against programs that would allow parents to direct taxpayer financial aid to the schools of their choice — giving students access to better education. Such choice programs are widely acclaimed at the college level where unions do not exist. They are called Pell Grants and student loans.


Certainly, most public schools do a good job, and the vast majority of teachers are both competent and dedicated. This is not the result of the unions. The failed schools serving disproportionately minority students, however, is the result of education union policies and politics.


Larry Horist, Boca Raton