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>OP ED: Obama bowls ’em over

>Seems to me that Barack Obama is now the “pot calling the kettle black.” (I hope that old adage does not fall foul of the political correctness Gestapo, but oh well.)

I am referring to Obama’s charge that Clinton’s “shot and beer” photo op was pandering. You know, trying to look like one of the common folk.

Obama has been the star attraction at innumerable similar photo ops for the same reason. But, none sticks out more than his hapless attempt to bowl over the blue collar community in on the lanes of a local bowling alley. In still frame photos, he struck a pretty good pose. In video, however, it was painfully obvious that he was unfamiliar with the sport of Queens (New York, that is).

If you want to relate to the common people through their sport, you should at least have played it. All pandering aside, Clinton looked more familiar with the shot glass than Obama did with the bowling ball.