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>LMAO:The politics of Hollywood

>Most politicians seek major Hollywood endorsements. The folks with stars on the door function like barkers at a carnival — to get the crowd in the tent for the main show. Celebrities, however, often start to think they are being solicited for there opinions and knowledge. It is a little like a guy hired to play a doctor on television starting to give out medical advice at cocktail parties.

Whenever we think that movie star endorsments should be taken seriously, something happens to remind us that their opinions are formed in a world fantasy more often than not with the help of reality distorting drugs. To wit: At the recent Democrat convention, actress Dana Delany (right) was asked who she hoped to meet as she traveled the cocktail party circuit. She was hoping to run into Mayor John Lindsay (left) of New York. Uh. Hmm. Maybe someone should tell her that — and break it to her gently — John Lindsay (A) was a Republican, (B) was the FORMER mayor of New York (by many years – 1966-1973), and I say “was” because (C) he has been dead since 2000.

Maybe she remembers Lindsay from some movie portrayal. It isn’t all that easy for those folks to distinguish fact from fiction.