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>OBSERVATION: Irony within tragedy.


It was reported that Danny Platt (right), of New Orleans, killed his two year old son because he didn’t want to pay court ordered child support. I mean, you can’t just go around killing your kid because he is an economic inconvience, right? Unless, of course, you call it an abortion. Maybe Platt just saw this as sort of a late term abortion — just a little later than most. The point is … once you start devaluing life as a sacred and social treasure to be perserved at almost all costs, you can get a lot of ugly unintended consequences. Killing kids is just not right — after or before they leave what should be the protective womb of the mother.

>REACT: Court decision about abortion is an abortion


There is an old story about a witness who makes a derogatory comment about the court proceedings. The judge angrily inquires, “Are you trying to show your contempt for this court?? The witness answers. “No your honor, I am doing my best to conceal it.”

I think that sort of sums up the public’s growing attitude about our increasingly irrational and abusive judicial system. It is not hard to find examples of courts and judges who deserve contempt. Here is the latest.

A court in Texas ruled that a person can be charged with homicide if they cause the death of a fetus in the commission of a crime, such as murdering the pregnant woman or battering her. As a pro-lifer, I like the ruling so far. It recognizes the fetus as a protectable human life. It gives the fetus the same right to life as a toddler or an adult.

However, the court also ruled that the ruling did not apply to doctors performing an abortion.

In other words, an 8-month-old fetus is a human being if killed by a criminal on the street, but is not a human being if killed by a doctor in an operating room.

It is sort like you getting 20 years to life for strangling granny, but if you take granny to a hospital to be professionally strangled, it is not a crime at all.

So here is the quiz. Do you think the judge in this case is (1) brain damaged, (2) an idiot, (3) on drugs, (4) should be on drugs, or (5) all of the above?