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>FACTOID: Why is gas so expensive?

>Got this in my email from Larry Hart at the American Conservative Union.

When President Bill Clinton vetoed a bill that would have started domestic oil production in a tiny portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), he said it was a waste of time because it would have no effect on gas prices for ten years. That was 13 years ago, in 1995 when oil was $19 a barrel. Every year since, liberals in Congress have blocked efforts to increase domestic oil and gas production, not only in ANWR but throughout the country and offshore.

The one thing Congress cannot legislate is the law of supply and demand. Obvously, they can ignore it — but not without consequences. So, the barrel price for crude is now hovering around $110 — a twelve-fold increase over that of a dozen years. That’s what is pushing the pump price over $4. Well … not entirely. State and municipal governments are piggy backing with tax increases of their own.

The price of crude affects the cost of ALL goods — higher cost for growing, manufacturing, processing and shipping. Everytime you see an increase at the pump, remember that your food, clothing, entertainment, rent, doctor bills and lawyer fees will all be increasing, too.

If you want to do something about it, contact your U.S. senator in support of the “McConnell Amendment” to Senate Bill S2284. It will open up some drilling, and maybe in 10 more years we will not have the same problem.