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>OBSERVATION: Will Obama’s campaign go up in smoke?



I find that I have joined the ranks of journalists who are obsessed with writing about Barak Obama. It is just that the more those “other” guys and gals write – the ones who get paid – the more I feel compelled to respond. Oh my God! Here I go again …

In the parlance of the culture, Obama is “smokin’.” In most cases, we mean that figuratively. In his case, it is literally. Among the things that distinguish his campaign from the rest is the fact that he is a smoker … literally … and by some measure a pretty dedicated one. Read that as meaning he has repeatedly failed to quite and he smokes a fair amount – not one of these “I only smoke when I drink” types.

(ASIDE: I tried the I-only-smoke-when-I-drink plan. I was still smoking two packs a day. ß That was a joke for those who would add “drinking problem” to explain my quirky opinions.)

How much Obama smokes is now elevated to national security secret.

Not since the press “protected” Franklin Roosevelt by not revealing that he was wheel chair bound, and that John Kennedy was a Casanova, has the press failed to bring out the story. Nowadays, however, such secrets cannot be kept from the salacious gossipy appetite of the public – and the bloggers preclude the past prerogatives of a fawning press. So it is, we know of Bob Doles erectile dysfunction and Bill Clinton’s lack thereof.

Now cometh the revelation of Obama. The “clean” image described by his presidential competitor, Senator Joseph Biden, has been a bit tarnished. One has to wonder how great an impact it may have been on Obama’s rise if he was frequently seen with a cig hanging from his lips, or wedged between his fingers. How sanctimonious would be that boyish face if it was surrounded by a perpetual blue haze. I think it would have hurt a lot.

In fact, I have decided to engage in “creative truth” to see what that would look like. You be the judge, but keep in mind George Bush overcame a serious drinking problem.