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My thoughts on Mayor de Blasio as published in the Palm Beach Post on January 8, 2015

Palm Beach Post

Thursday, January 8, 2015


De Blasio’s missteps doom administration

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was once the toast of the town. He is now just toast. He cannot recover, because he is either the most tone-deaf politician in America or is just too arrogant to be humble. Methinks both.

Pleas from Police Commissioner Bill Bratton did not stop the turning of backs at the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu. I suspect that every turned back represented a multiple of officers who privately shared the sentiment.

In his first appearance after the shooting, de Blasio had an opportunity to mend fences. Instead, he made a request for both sides of the controversy to gag themselves, ostensibly out of sympathy for the dead officers’ families. It backfired, because it came across as insincere, blatantly self-serving and arrogant.

The failed “peace summit” with various police unions only made matters worse.

De Blasio needed to be humble, take responsibility for his rhetoric and publicly disassociate from Al Sharpton. He did none of it. Now it is too late.

After 9/11, then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was called “America’s mayor.” De Blasio has now earned himself the well-deserved appellation some are calling him: “America’s most hated mayor.”


A couple interesting stories you may have missed

Bye, bye de Blasio

Just days before the murder of two police officers in New York, Eisenhower grandson and Nixon son-in-law David Cox made a bold prediction.  He said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio would be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.  My!  My!  How events can change things.  That blustering Bluto of a mayor will not only NEVER be a candidate for president, it is questionable whether he can even hang on to the mayor’s job.  He is now the poster boy for all that is bad about urban liberal Democrat leadership.  I doubt he can ever regain moral authority even if he finishes out his term as arguably the most hated mayor in America.  Based on coverage on CNN and FOX, the people of New York would love to see the return of Rudy Giuliani.  New Yorkers may even see the return of the 32 ounce cola.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel knows crime

Lost in the coverage of the New York murders was a major crime in Chicago.  Seems like, Zach Emmanuel, the 17-year-old son of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel went outside the family home to make a 10:00 p.m. cell phone call when he was mugged and robbed by two assailants.   He suffered a bloody lip and chipped tooth.  The muggers took the phone after forcing Zach to punch in the password.  The mayor was said to be extremely upset and outraged.  At least he know knows how thousands of Chicagoans feel each night – and in many cases, suffering a lot worst.  You can bet that Hizzoner’s family will now be provided with overwhelming protection from Chicago’s finest.  I wonder if this will get him more involved in addressing the extraordinarily high crime rate in Chicago – especially the killing of so many innocent blacks.  Naaaay!