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NEWS TO MUSE: Upsetting Hizzoner, Olbermann Benched and the Pelosi Pitiful Ploy

Is Rahm Emanuel upset?

News flash from my old home town of Chicago!  Machine mayor and Obama confidant, Rahm Emanuel, has been forced into a run off by former State Senator Jesus “Chuy” Garcia – as have a number of Emanuel backed alderman.  Given a political personality akin to that of a Mafia hit man, I am assuming Hizzoner is breaking up the furniture in his office while spew a tourettes-style series of profanities at underlings.  The two man race is still a daunting challenge for Garcia, but doable.  The election of a Republican governor in the very blue land of Obama was the first indicator that the old Democrat Machine is beginning to sputter and backfire.  This also presents a big challenge to Obama.  Does he go to bat for his former chief-of-staff and offend the Hispanic community, turn is back on Emanuel for the Hispanic vote or stay away altogether?  Since he has no reason to personally give a damn about the Hispanic vote, I suspect he will do something to try to keep Chicago’s blacks from abandoning the Machine.  Stay tuned.

Keith Olbermann gets sophomoric with college kids.

I guess if you have too much angst for MSNBC, you really need to consider therapy.  Keith Olbermann, who was bounced from MSNBC for being to … shall we politely say … too outspoken, has just received a modest tap on his pinky from ESPN for getting into a low level Twitter peeing contest with Penn State students and alumni.  Olbermann employed his highest intellectual tactic – name calling.  “Pitiful” and “moron” were his words of choice in this encounter.  ESPN took him off the air, with pay, for a few days.   They called it a “suspension,” but I think it is more of a cooling off period.  Honestly, I am not sure if Keith should be presented the Alec Baldwin Anger Management Prize or Alec Baldwin should get the Keith Olbermann Childish Outbursts Award.   And the winner is …

Partisanship in the Eye of the Beholder

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu took a pass on attending a Democrats-only private meeting offered by Democrat Minority Leader (love that title for her) Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dick where-is-the-camera Durbin.  This was to balance out his public speech before the entire United States Congress.  As the Democrat spin goes, Bibi should meet privately with only Democrats because he is meeting with a Congress led by Republicans, albeit with lots of Democrats in membership – most of whom will be attending the speech.  Pelosi, Durbin et al contend that an appearance before both Republicans and Democrats in Congress is partisan, and that a meeting privately with Democrats only would solve that.  I am beginning to think that when partisan zealotry becomes too strong, logical thinking ceases.  It is what has become known as “liberal lunacy.”

NEWS TO MUSE: Obama channels Mayor Daley to Popes Make Me See Double … and a bit of sex to grab attention.

As I meander through the morning news, here are a few items I mused over.

Mayor Barack Obama

In a recent interview, President Obama said his job in handling terrorists is like a city mayor dealing with criminals.  Since he is a product of the Chicago Democrat Machine, arguably the most corrupt political institution in America, we have every reason to worry.  Denial is standard operating procedure.  Way back when, as mobsters and innocent victims were being gunned down in the Windy City, the first Mayor Daley was asked what he would do about the Mafia and organized crime.  His response?  “What organized crime?  We don’t have organized crime in Chicago.”  The operating premise is that if you don’t give it a name, it does not exist.  Sound familiar?  Obama has learned well.

Poor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

It is reported that some prospective jurors feel a pity for the Boston Marathon’s Islamic terrorist bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  They think the poor boy suffered under the influence of his older brother.  I guess there is sympathy value in a cute boyish face.  This is the weakness of dealing with terrorists as normal criminals.  It is a problem because he is an American citizen, but outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder wants to bestow American citizenship rights on even foreign terrorists.  My proposal is that any American citizen terrorist who is determined in a court hearing to be acting on behalf or under the influence of an enemy foreign force would be stripped of their citizenship, declared an enemy combatant and put before a military tribunal.  This would apply to even those misnamed “lone wolves” who are inspired by enemy propaganda.

New Oregon Governor is more than bipartisan

Another sanctimonious liberal governor has bit the dirt in scandal.  John Kitzhaber has been forced to resign after his live-in lady friend was trading on “pillow talk” to rack in big bucks from lobbyists.  Of course, nothing new in the fall of yet another corrupt governor.  What is newsworthy is that the Secretary of State, Kate Brown, who succeeds to the governorship, is openly bisexual.  As more of a libertarian, her sexual adventures do not bother me. I do wonder, however, why it has to be such a big social issue.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “normal sex.”  Those who place very strict moral limits on sexual activity think the more adventuresome folks are perverts.  Those “perverts,” who like to do a lot wild experimenting, think of the others as oppressed.  So, there you have it.  Society divides between perverts and the oppressed – no one is normal.  But, both Kitzhaber and Brown do tell us something about the new sexual norms in America.  Unmarried relationships and alternative life styles are much more acceptable these days.  I think nothing shows citizen approval more than who we elect to public office.  This is not the courts shoving it down our throats.  (Oooops.  Bad choice of words.)  Not too long ago, neither of these two would have been able to get elected to public office – much less such high offices.  You can tell the perverts from the oppressed if you ask them if this change is social progress or degradation.

Popes Blue Ribbon

Pope Francis has anointed a blue ribbon panel of new cardinals.  This is the theological version of the “spoils system.”  He invited his predecessor ex-Pope Benedict to join in the festivities.  This got me to wondering.  Has the stepping down of Pope  Benedict undermined the Church.  Having been raised Catholic (although “fallen away” would be a more apt adjectival phrase today), the optics of two popes has always bothered me.  The selection of a Pope is supposed to be God’s decision.  It is a lifetime commitment, as I was led to believe.  To me, this makes the Church look more corporate than spiritual.  Has Benedict lost the power to speak ex cathedra?  I suppose those closer to the altar would be better judges, but that’s my sense of it.

Understanding President Obama.

I have lived under the Chicago Machine for most of my life.  I personally know many of the key players who brought Barack Obama out of obscurity to the presidency.  Perhaps this analysis should have been made several years ago.  But, better late than never.

I am way not the conspiratorial theorist type.  I never bought into the Obama birther theory.  I never thought of him as some sort of Manchurian candidate.  I do not believe Obama is member of the Muslim faith – not after attending a Christian church, such as it is, for 20 years.  Is it possible that the President is really a nice guy who believes he is doing good for the United States and the world?  I think it is possible.  BUT, just because he might believe that does not mean it is true.

There has to be some explanation for his six years of seemingly inexplicable presidential behavior – at least as measured against his 42 predecessors.  Why has Obama become arguably the least trusted President in American History?  Why has his patriotism been questioned by so many?  And, don’t give me the “because he’s black” excuse.  One of his greatest benefits in becoming President was his skin color.  God knows, it was not due to his record and experience.  Being black has insulated Obama from scrutiny and proper vetting – and given his sycophants and a fawning news corps a racist mantra to deflect justified criticism.

I have come to the conclusion that the problem with Obama is that he is the first un-American president.

By that, I mean he has a completely different core of knowledge and value structure than the vast majority of Americans. He was not raised in an American culture.  He never learned American history in depth.  He does not understand the American culture – and what he thinks he understands, he does not like.

As a child, he was raised in Muslim traditions by his father, then an uncle and a family mentor who, more importantly, all harbored negative viewpoints about America.  He attended a Muslim school in a nation highly critical of America. His mother, though not Muslim, was a lifelong critic of America, its culture, its politics and its economic system.   He attended American colleges where criticism of America reigns supreme among students and faculty.

He spent most of his life subjected and devoted to a politicized anti-American version of Christianity in the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  As a community activist in Chicago’s University of Chicago neighborhood, he worked in a pseudo-intellectual cultural enclave that exaggerates American racism and demonizes free market capitalism.  It is a tightly knit community best personified by its local iconic leaders, such Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Wright.

His formative political experience comes from his association with the Chicago Democrat “Machine.”  It can explain his contempt for Republicans – and even contempt for any opposition and accommodation.  It may also explain his belief in authoritarian “boss” governance, where the executive is the primary source of public policy.  His Chicago experience would lead him to believe that role of a legislative body is to endorse — rubber stamp, if you will — but not to challenge.

In many ways, Obama is the product of his two closest advisors, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett.  Axelrod represents the thuggish Chicago Machine’s strident partisanship, with its allegiance to an autocratic boss figure.  He personifies what could be called the Daley wing of the Democratic Party, operating more like a “banana republic” than what the Founders had in mind.

Jarrett represents the far left ideological wing of the Democratic Party – also autocratic.  Under the first Mayor Daley, these were warring factions.  Under the second Mayor Daley, the factions united in the person of Barack Obama.

Since both factions are autocratic, Obama represents the worst of them in terms of the American republic.  Both factions place government rule by an elite over the historic American concept of governance by the people.  With a belief in and tendency toward autocratic power, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the intoxicating power of the presidency has introduced a sense of megalomania.

Obama came to office believing America is an imperial power guilty of shameful acts.  That is why his first overseas junket as President was widely described as “an apology tour.”  That is why he is so quick to draw moral equivalencies between us and every other nation – and more recently, between the maniacal brutality of today’s Islamic extremists and the Christian Crusades of 1000 years ago.

That is why he relegated American Exceptionalism to nothing more than nationalistic pride. Obama sees America as no better than any other nation, and to think otherwise is arrogance.  He does not believe in the need or importance of America’s economic, military and moral leadership, so, at every turn, he withdraws us from it.  Since he cannot make other nations as strong as America, he seems determined to make America as weak as them.  He seems to think that world leadership, itself, is arrogance.

His disdain for the traditional American culture extends to allies who share that culture.  It is why his foreign policy realigns America away from historic allies in favor of relationships with even current enemies, such as Cuba and Iran.  His preference for third world countries is evident in his refusal to not only secure the American border, but to encourage illegal migration and acceptance on an every growing level.

He has created a deceptive language to explain his governing philosophy, with such oxymoron’s as “leading from behind” as an excuse for not leading, or “patient diplomacy,” as a euphemism for doing nothing.  As with all autocrats, he is capable of the most audacious lies.  He talks of our victory over al Qaeda and ISIS as relatively harmless “junior varsity.”  He takes pride in ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even as they accelerate. He claims Gitmo promotes terrorism, but claims the release of terrorists is in our national interest.

He takes victory laps for ending our economic crisis even as millions of Americans continue to suffer from unemployment and under employment.  His infamous “you can keep your doctor” promise now rates with President George H. Bush’s “read my lips” as an iconic presidential betrayal.

The President is a left wing globalist, who not only surrenders American leadership, but American sovereignty.  He promotes agreements and treaties that give international bodies authority of our lands, our international policies, our guns and even our elections.

He has no frame of reference to understand the nature of the American republic, in which the people govern.  Rather, he subscribes to the authoritarian philosophy that a government run by self determined enlightened people must rule over the masses for their own good.  He sees the federal government as the necessary regulatory authority over every aspect of our personal lives.  He relegates America’s several states to mere Chinese-style provinces, and redistributes wealth according to his political agenda.

We have seen this in his preference for personal power over the shared power of three branches.  His go-it-alone policy is not born out of strong leadership, but is the result of an all too obvious contempt for the people’s Congress as an equal branch of government.

He came into office promising change.  His meaning was not the change Americans had every reason to assume.  It was to change the very nature of the American government from a republic based on the autonomy of the people to an authoritarian regime where dependency replaces opportunity as the dominant characteristic.  He would change our successful free enterprise system to a controlled central economy where the market forces are replaced by government manipulation, regulation and redistribution of wealth.

The Founders risked life and property “in order to form a more perfect union.”  It was ours to preserve through “eternal vigilance.”  In recent generations, we have failed in both regards, and may now be reaching a point of no return.

When you look at the critical education and emotional development of past presidents, Democrat and Republican, none has been so devoid of traditional American education and understanding.  Obama operates the way he does because he knows no other way.  He is not anti-American, but I think he is un-American in his intellectual foundation.  And that is the problem.

The General Election of 2016 may well determine whether our historic culture has truly changed as we the people decide either to continue down the path of subjugation to Washington, or will we rise up to re-establish the great American Dream based on American Exceptionalism that made this nation the most successful democracy in history?  We will determine whether to leave a nation and a world to our children that is greater and safer than we found it, or we will condemn them to lesser status with fewer opportunities under an oppressive regime in Washington.

DAILY OBSERVATION: Obama’s Secret Weapon to Reduce Unemployment

In 2008, our newly elected President made a promise (yeah, another one).  He told the American public that if Congress would only pass his trillion dollar “stimulus package,” the 10 percent unemployment rate would drop to 6.7 percent IN SIX MONTHS.  It took six years.

In making that promise, over the skepticism of Republican legislators, Obama was either clueless of basic economics and job creation or he was lying to get the money to pass around to Wall Street Cronies while parading as a populist.  Subsequent history suggests both are true.

Despite the President’s job retarding programs (corporate taxes and Obamcare), regulations (EPA running amok) and inactions (Keystone pipeline), the unemployment rate has ever so slowly dropped.  To achieve even this, Obama had a secret weapon that has been unreported and underappreciated.

No, I am not referring to the Labor Department’s cooking the books to make an 18 percent unemployment rate look like a 6 percent unemployment rate.  That skullduggery is not secret anymore.  That is a bit like me adjusting the dial on my bathroom scale to make my 200 pounds show on the dial as 180.

Then what is Obama’s secret weapon, you say?  Republican governors.

Yep!  Across the nation Republican governors have produced real job growth with state policies that, to some extent, were able to counter the job suffocating policies coming out of the White House.  States such as Texas, Wisconsin and Florida have been outpacing the nation in job creation.  Bringing down Obama’s job numbers are such Democrat strongholds as California and Illinois.

To be even more precise, it is those Democrat Machine urban centers that have fared the worst.  Chicago is facing major budget shortfalls and Detroit … well … what can one say.  If Detroit were an answer on Jeopardy, the question would be: “What is the largest city in America to go bankrupt.

Since most minorities live in Democrat run regions, with sub rosa racist policies, Blacks and Hispanics suffer the worst unemployment numbers under the policies of the first minority president – no small irony.

Methinks that Obama should go to a meeting of the Republican Governors’ Association and first  thank them for making him look better (or, less bad, if you prefer) and then get guys like Florida’s Rick Scott, Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Texas’ Rick Perry (now Greg Abbott) to teach him how the free market works.