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NEWS TO MUSE: Obama channels Mayor Daley to Popes Make Me See Double … and a bit of sex to grab attention.

As I meander through the morning news, here are a few items I mused over.

Mayor Barack Obama

In a recent interview, President Obama said his job in handling terrorists is like a city mayor dealing with criminals.  Since he is a product of the Chicago Democrat Machine, arguably the most corrupt political institution in America, we have every reason to worry.  Denial is standard operating procedure.  Way back when, as mobsters and innocent victims were being gunned down in the Windy City, the first Mayor Daley was asked what he would do about the Mafia and organized crime.  His response?  “What organized crime?  We don’t have organized crime in Chicago.”  The operating premise is that if you don’t give it a name, it does not exist.  Sound familiar?  Obama has learned well.

Poor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

It is reported that some prospective jurors feel a pity for the Boston Marathon’s Islamic terrorist bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  They think the poor boy suffered under the influence of his older brother.  I guess there is sympathy value in a cute boyish face.  This is the weakness of dealing with terrorists as normal criminals.  It is a problem because he is an American citizen, but outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder wants to bestow American citizenship rights on even foreign terrorists.  My proposal is that any American citizen terrorist who is determined in a court hearing to be acting on behalf or under the influence of an enemy foreign force would be stripped of their citizenship, declared an enemy combatant and put before a military tribunal.  This would apply to even those misnamed “lone wolves” who are inspired by enemy propaganda.

New Oregon Governor is more than bipartisan

Another sanctimonious liberal governor has bit the dirt in scandal.  John Kitzhaber has been forced to resign after his live-in lady friend was trading on “pillow talk” to rack in big bucks from lobbyists.  Of course, nothing new in the fall of yet another corrupt governor.  What is newsworthy is that the Secretary of State, Kate Brown, who succeeds to the governorship, is openly bisexual.  As more of a libertarian, her sexual adventures do not bother me. I do wonder, however, why it has to be such a big social issue.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “normal sex.”  Those who place very strict moral limits on sexual activity think the more adventuresome folks are perverts.  Those “perverts,” who like to do a lot wild experimenting, think of the others as oppressed.  So, there you have it.  Society divides between perverts and the oppressed – no one is normal.  But, both Kitzhaber and Brown do tell us something about the new sexual norms in America.  Unmarried relationships and alternative life styles are much more acceptable these days.  I think nothing shows citizen approval more than who we elect to public office.  This is not the courts shoving it down our throats.  (Oooops.  Bad choice of words.)  Not too long ago, neither of these two would have been able to get elected to public office – much less such high offices.  You can tell the perverts from the oppressed if you ask them if this change is social progress or degradation.

Popes Blue Ribbon

Pope Francis has anointed a blue ribbon panel of new cardinals.  This is the theological version of the “spoils system.”  He invited his predecessor ex-Pope Benedict to join in the festivities.  This got me to wondering.  Has the stepping down of Pope  Benedict undermined the Church.  Having been raised Catholic (although “fallen away” would be a more apt adjectival phrase today), the optics of two popes has always bothered me.  The selection of a Pope is supposed to be God’s decision.  It is a lifetime commitment, as I was led to believe.  To me, this makes the Church look more corporate than spiritual.  Has Benedict lost the power to speak ex cathedra?  I suppose those closer to the altar would be better judges, but that’s my sense of it.