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Obamacare is taking away free medical care for the poor … a personal reflection published in the Florida Sun Sentinel on December21, 2014

Obamacare is destroying free medical care for the poor. According to a recent report, many free clinics are closing all across the country, citing Obamacare as the reason. People who were led to believe they would be receiving coverage under Obamacare, but are now ineligible, are losing their free care, too.

This subject was missing from the Obamacare debate because the White House did not want it known that a millions of uninsured Americans were already getting very good free medical treatment, or to know that many of them would be losing it.
Once, when self-employed and unable to afford health insurance, I was directed to a Chicago free clinic. After a means testing review, I was accepted.
For things like X-rays, patients were sent to a county hospital. Despite the problem of long waits in the ER, this was not the case for scheduled tests. In my two visits, I was seen immediately.

I received first-class treatment at no cost — no co-pay, no “donut hole,” no deductible. When I was able to afford insurance again, I felt like I was taking a step down.

Here again, government is driving out a great private-sector solution, and the poor are the losers.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

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