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Here is my take on the lastest in the gay marriage controversey as published in the Palm Beach Post on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Palm Beach Post

Letters to the Editor

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Most don’t care about gay marriage

Is disobeying the law an act of nobility or criminality? Seems to depend on the issue. As a nation, we disobeyed the Prohibition law, and some routinely violate speed limits. The Southern Democratic Party spent more than 100 years disobeying federal laws, constitutional amendments and U.S. Supreme Court decisions to maintain segregation and white supremacy.

In fact, our much-touted “rule of law” is trumped by the rule of politics. This suggests that U.S. Supreme Court decisions are as influenced by zeitgeist as much as by strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Disobeying even unpopular laws can result in arrests, fines and/or incarceration. County Clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky was jailed for not obeying the Supreme Court’s ruling that all laws that prohibit gay marriages are unconstitutional and, therefore, null and void.

It does not require a pro-active law to grant a constitutional right, as some supporters of Davis suggest.

While the 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage) is controversial, and constitutional scholars can be found on both sides, opposition is vociferous but not widespread. There are very small percentages of people who vigorously support, or vigorously oppose, gay marriage. Most Americans simply do not give a hoot one way or the other. That translates to acceptance.

One clerk in all of America standing in protest may be newsworthy but is still irrelevant. Gay marriage is no longer an issue worthy of public debate.


My take on gay marriage as published in the Palm Beach Post on June 12, 2015

Palm Beach Post

Letters to the Editor

Friday, June 13, 2015


POINT OF VIEW: Time for GOP to see the light, accept gay marriage

12:00 a.m. Friday, June 12, 2015

As a conservative Republican, I believe it is time for the GOP to stop leading the charge against gay marriage. As an issue among the general public, it is a loser.

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court justices will decide whether gay marriage is a constitutional right, and I believe that they will decide that it is. That should settle it. Efforts to overturn that decision with a constitutional amendment are a waste of time and resources — and doomed to fail.

I well understand the moral and religious opposition to the gay lifestyle, but that does not change one simple fact: The gay community has already achieved normalization in American culture.

To understand that fact, you need to go back to the days of my youth, when a myriad of laws punished gay intimacy. The suspicion of gayness would cost a person his or her job — even in liberal Hollywood, Calif.

Known gays could not purchase houses, serve in the military or adopt children. Families pretended that the “unmarried uncle” just never found the right girl. Gays could not receive spousal benefits and had no rights of inheritance. They most certainly could never run for public office.

Heterosexuals could not admit to having a gay friend. They could not teach in schools. Their families would reject them. Gays were subjected to harassment and violence with a “what do they expect?” response from society. Movies depicted them as either evil perverts or tragic figures. They had to hide in the shadows.

All of that has changed — and actually reversed. Homosexuality is no longer illegal, and public shunning has largely ceased. They are now highly visible members of society, even to the point of annual parades and public events attended by America’s political leadership — Republican and Democrat.

It seems that even young conservatives within the GOP have no problem with gay rights and gay marriage. Opposition from seniors is fading, as more express love and pride in their gay children and grandchildren (including former Vice President Dick Cheney).

If ever there was any truth in the old adage about “beating a dead horse,” opposition to the normalization of homosexuality in America is a prime example. Outside of a few issues relating to the personal rights of those opposed to the gay lifestyle, the greater issues are no longer influenced by political debate.

The American people have spoken.



Several stories in that past couple days clearly establish that liberals see lies as merely a matter of public policy.

David Axelrod’s new book reveals what many of us knew in the first place.  President Obama lied his way into office – and on the advice and counsel of Axelrod.  There are many examples, but the one making the news is his oft repeated campaign claim to being opposed to gay marriage.  When running for the State Senate, Obama filled out questionnaires in support of gay marriage.  When running for President, he repeatedly lied, saying he opposed gay marriage.  Once in office, he went back to supporting gay marriage.  He says he “evolved.”  No.  He lied.  What is amazing to me is the many liberals on MSNBC who defended the lie as a good thing – you know, the ends justify the means.  This is no different than the lies Jonathon Gruber exposed about the cost of Obamacare and keeping your doctor.  Or, Obama criticism of Bush using executive orders.  Or, promising to work with Congress.  Or, promising transparency. Or … wow … is there anything Obama says that is the truth?

Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund, who sexually molested a maid at a New York hotel, and is now charged with being a pimp and orgy host for the high and mighty?  Well, he now claims that it was for the greater good since it helped alleviate the tensions of dealing on the global stage.  I am not making this up.  Using this theory, we might put an end to ISIS by giving them 40 virgins now instead of a gift in the afterlife.

You can’t miss the story of NBC uber anchor Brian Williams, who believes in making up stories to convey the impression of news when the facts are not good enough.  A number of supporters are saying that it is okay to claim false experiences because it gives a better “sense of the event.”  On the other hand, if Williams was coving a raid on a house of ill-repute, would he have reported as being one of the “johns” in order to convey a better “sense of the event?”

Zombies are making a comeback in the world of entertainment.  Also in politics.

I noticed in my local newspaper, that Gloria Steinem has surfaced from obscurity to give a lecture at the University of Miami.  After reading some of her 1960’s retreaded comments, I better understood why the editors placed the news article on the obituary page.  Her’s is the only article on the page where the person is still alive.  Maybe politically dead, counts.

Not since slavery …

Former New York Mayor, and America’s billionaire liberal nanny, Michael Bloomberg has thrown political correctness aside in taking his anti-gun zealotry to a new level.  He suggests that young minority men be banned from gun ownership.  Again, I am not making this stuff up.  This has not been suggested since the Democrats were running things in the old days of southern slavery.  Would somebody get this guy a copy of the Constitution … and the Emancipation Proclamation?

And finally, under “there outta be a law …” or “what’s in a name.”

Recently, a 61-year-old man was arrested, but found not guilty, for taking phone photos up a young girl’s skirt in a Target store.  Though totally repulsive and offensive, the judge could not find a law that made it illegal.  The story was not what caught my eye.  But am I the only one who thought it was ironic that the incident occurred in Beaverton, Oregon?