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NEWS TO MUSE: Happy days, Billy did it, a one horse race and getting old in America

“I am happy to report …

Almost all past surveys have shown that conservatives are much happier people than liberals – and they have given a lot of reasons for that.  Weeeeell … liberals could not stand for that, so they produced a new study with a different methodology, of course.

In the old studies, the subjects were asked to evaluate their feeling according to some established criteria. The “new methodology” uses the judgment of shrinks to determine the subjects happiness based on some arbitrary evaluation of social media posting.  They decided that liberals were happier because they were honest about their sad feelings, and the conservatives were hiding there true feelings – lying, if you will.

Just another example of how liberals ALWAYS know better about you and me than we do ourselves.  It is the foundation of their entire philosophy.

FOOTNOTE:  I have my own theory on the happiness issue.  I think the liberal population is composed of a lot of people in fear of just about everything – and they want to blame their fears on external forces beyond their responsibility and control.  Ergo, they want external agencies, especially government, to make them feel safer – protect them for their own phobias.  They need a “big brother” to save them from their constant fear of modified foods, motorcycles, any businesses serving the public, second-hand cigarette smoke, hard liquor, patriotism, tap water, pipelines, rich people, atomic annihilation, white policemen, guns, testosterone, religious people, raw beef, corporations, tea parties, Oreo cookies, warm weather, 42 oz. colas, salt, atomic energy, states’ rights, cell phones, school choice, artificial sweeteners, gas production, free speech,  super sized anything, NASCAR races, and the possibility of the sky falling.  Above all, they are afraid of the risks of personal freedom.  Pretty difficult to be happy with the burden of all those worries resting on one’s left shoulder.

The “jumping in the lake” excuse

When my mother admonished me not to do something that was wrong, and I point out that Billy did it, she would say: “If Billy jumped in the lake would you do it too?”

It appears Hillary Clinton’s defenders never met my mother.  In response to Lady Hillary’s clearly wrong, and maybe illegal, concealment of her official State Department emails, the main Democratic talking point is “that’s what Colin Powell did … or Jeb Bush.”  Setting aside for the moment why even the comparisons are not valid, the whole excuse is bogus.  I could hardly get away with robbing a bank by saying that Bonnie and Clyde did it, too.

Methinks, Mrs. Clinton’s actions must be judged on her own conduct, and that is exactly why the captives of the left are changing the subject.

Hillary to win, place and show

Every time some Hillary promoter brags how far ahead she is in the presidential race, I wonder if they noticed that no one else is in the race.  I am sure she can be no one, but what happens if some other Democrat gets in the race?

They also say that she is ahead of all the GOP candidates.  As the only Democrat currently running, and with her high name recognition thanks to those many scandals, of course she is ahead of the 26 Republicans who may or may not run.  At this stage of the game, her lead means nothing.  Once the GOP field gets narrowed, I predict her early lead in the polls will vanish like her alleged private emails and the Rose Law Firm records.  I further predict that by Election Day, she will be behind in the only poll that matters – the vote booth.  That, of course, is if she IS the Democratic candidate.  I am not totally convinced.

Live longer through Social Security

Social Security is a perfect government program.  They should be proud of extending the life expectancy of Americans.  Yes, indeed.  According to Social Security records, more than 6 million of our fellow citizens have passed the age of 112 – compared to fewer than 40 (and that is not millions) in the rest of the world.  The oldest American, according to the folks running the Social Security program is 146 years old – a world record.  A small number of them must be in pretty good health because they are still using credit cards.  A few are still getting checks.

I am not sure about you, but I am suspicious that there may be an error in the Social Security computers.  A government agency that has been in the business of doling out retirement benefits of 80 years appears to have no effective system for knowing when beneficiaries have moved on to the great perhaps.  Makes me wonder how many billions of taxpayer dollars have gone to the dearly departed – or at least the person who still gets their mail.

NEWS TO MUSE: Pressing Press Questions, More Liberal Lack of Logic and “The Winner is … “

Gottcha Scott Walker

Obviously, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does not appreciate stupid press questions and he got two of them recently.  Does he believe in evolution and does he believe that President Obama is a Christian.  In both cases, the presidential hopeful refused to answer the questions.  His refusal is well grounded, but his reply was a bit maladroit.  In that regard, the School of Gottcha Journalism won another round as virtually every news and talk show spent an enormous amount of time debating whether the questions were appropriate or the product of a biased press — or whether Walkers answers were some sort of policy statements on God’s creation … oooops … God’s evolution and Obama’s relationship with God.  If he was not running for President of the United States, he could have just said: WTF?  An interesting footnote: Way back when, when Hillary Clinton was asked is Obama was a Muslim, she hedged her response, “I think he’s a Christian, AS FAR AS I KNOW.”  Geez! All this debate over Obama’s religions.  Personally, I don’t think he is all that religious no matter what he is, and there’s nothing wrong with that AS FAR AS I KNOW.

Bashing Bush Liberal Logic Style

Democrats and the press are most eager to hang everything they did not like about George W around the neck of Jeb Bush even though he was never part of either his father’s or his brother’s administrations.  I note this be cause a panel of libs on MSNBC made every argument they could to tie Jeb to what they believe are the sins of the father (and the brother).  However, when the conversation turned to Hillary Clinton, the same group opined that she would bear no burden for any unpopular policies of President Obama because they were his policies, and not hers.  In case you missed the liberal logical lapse, here it is.  If you are related to the President, but not part of the administration, you are tied to the policies (if you are a Republican, that is).  However, if you are the top Cabinet officer, an advisor to the President and faithfully caring out presidential policies (and you are a Democrat), you are absolved from all blame.  The mistake liberals make is assuming the public is stupid (a la Jonathon Gurber) or “low information voters” as liberals often call the unwashed masses.  Actually, the public has good common sense.  It is probably why FOX News gets the highest ratings.

Piling on Rudy

Rudy does not think Obama loves America.  His private opinion, along with Scott Walker’s lack of opinions, has dominated the news for two days already.  Maybe it was a poor choice of words, but I think a LOT of Americans wonder why this President always seems to be criticizing and apologizing for America.  He relegates American Exceptionalism to nothing more than common chest-pounding nationalism.  What struck me is the volume and nastiness of liberal animus.  White House spokesperson talked of Giuliani as if  he was getting senile, and pitied they hopeless damage to the former mayor’s lifetime reputation.  I found Earnest to be pitiful, but that is his job description under the Obama White House.  Another pundit on MSNBC said he found Giuliani’s comments “incoherent.”   When Joe Scarborough argued that as a private citizen, Giuliani is entitled to his opinion, co-host Mika Brzezinski insisted he is not a private citizen.  And they call the voters “low information.”  Of course, ever predictable Al Sharpton reached deep into his one-word vocabulary to call Giuliani a racist.

Hollywood’s High Holiday – Academy Awards Night

I have determined that the Academy Awards’ PR people have only one post awards press release with a number of blanks to fill in.  There is that political statement — this time women pay equality from a woman making a gazillion times more than most men.  Then there is the dress.  The new twist in the overexposed category was host, Neil Patrick Harris, appearing in his tidy whities.  J. K. Simmons elevated the “thanks ma moment” to a universal show of appreciation usually reserved for Mothers’ Day.  It was all so … so typical … so boring.

Post Script

Has the liberal press forgotten that ISIS is on a rampage, innocent people are being murdered every day, Russia continues to advance in the Ukraine, etc., etc., etc.  Well, I guess a press that can ask the Attorney General to quack like a duck or ask then President Clinton if he wears boxers or briefs cannot be expected to focus on serious issues.

DAILY OBSERVATION: Dictators are no friends of mine

I have come to believe that entirely too much public opinion and public policy is based on myths.  That has led me to start a book on political myths (but more about that another time).  I was reminded of one of the most common myths – the existence of right wing dictatorships.

We all know that the political continuum goes from right to left, with those of us on the right fighting for limited government, lower taxes and more citizen authority.  Starting on the extreme right is anarchy … libertarianism … mainstream conservatism … economic conservatism … etc.

Coming in from the left extreme is dictatorship … oligarchies … socialists … progressives … etc.

I am sure you can see where this is going.  We, on the right, NEVER like too much government – and dictatorships are state-of-the-art “too much government.”  We believe in what President Reagan once said.  “Government is not part of the problem, it IS the problem.”

Let me make it clear.  We conservatives do not like authoritarian government – not ever.  We may have to deal with them in a complex world, but we favor democracies and republics.  Liberals, too, must deal with dictatorships according to their relationship with the United States.  That is just international politics.

The record shows that in conservative administrations, dictatorships are more challenged and often overturned.  The Reagan foreign policy encouraged more nations to shift to participatory governance than any time since the Founders began a world trend toward global democratization.

Liberals are more accommodating to dictatorships.  They oppose “imposing” democracies on other nations.  They seem to not even understand the concept.  America does not “impose,” but rather helps remove the shackles of totalitarianism so that the people can “impose” their own government.

You see the liberal view in Washington today.  Obama is impotent in dealing with the brutal dictatorships spreading throughout the Middle East today.  He plays na na na boo boo with North Korea.  He bails out a failing brutal dictatorship in Cuba.  He gets into rope-the-dope negotiations with Iran.  After “I’m going to kick your ass” threats to Syrian despot Bashar al Assad, Obama cuts and runs.  After conservative Republican policy faced down the Russians and crushed the “evil empire,” Obama does nothing in the face of the re-emerging “evil.”

Domestically, it is the progressive mentality that believes that a powerful government must solve problems for a less apt or willing public.  They believe that the public, as Jonathan Gruber put it, is stupid.  Thanks to liberal thinking, our federal government, which should have the least influence in our daily lives, is suffocating the constitutional rights of the several states, and, in the process, our individual personal rights.

That is not to say that grass-roots American liberals want a dictatorship.  No. No. No.  It is their tendency, however, to support the shift of more and more power to the government that is most distant and least responsive to public influence.  That is so obvious, it is beyond refutation.  In doing that, they do tip-toe along the edge of a very dangerous slippery slope.

So, let’s have no more talk about right-wing dictatorships.  They do not exist.

The First Installment of LIBERALS GONE WILD

It is said that those the god’s would destroy, they first make crazy.  If that is true, the political left is about to be crushed.  To wit:

  1. Consider the West Virginia University story.  Liberals still trying to give relevancy to a phony rape story that appeared in Rolling Stones.  The issue is not really about campus rapes.  It is now about fraudulent left-wing journalism, but … shhh … don’t tell them.
  2. The defense of Jonathan Gruber.  His only defense against blurting out the truth in moments of braggadocio is to try to convince the Congress and the public that, despite being an MIT professor, he is dumber then a goober.  We already knew that.  He did not have to double down.
  3. Speaking of Gruber.  Did you see his testimony?  When ask individually, if he remembered each taped statement, he said “yes” – and said they were due to his trying to sound smarter than he is.  Then later, when ask about ALL his statements, he said he did not recall making them.  Geez, if you going to lie, you need a better memory.
  4. Then there is the black kid interviewed by Stossel who said looting is ok because they have to make a point.  I thought the point of looting was to make off with the goods.
  5. Let us not forget about Hillary Clinton’s plea to have respect and empathy for those whose favorite sport event is a double beheader.  How about we limit our kinder feelings for their widows and orphans?  And may their numbers increase.
  6. Obama has now risen to the rank of a serial denier, having again denied saying things despite the existence of videos with him saying the things he denies having said.  Why did the word “pathological” pop into my mind?
  7. ACLU, which for a decade wanted to toss the entire Bush administration in jail for war crimes, now wants the entire Bush administration to be pardoned by Obama.  They say this will PROVE they were all guilty.  The head of the ACLU says it will make an important point.  You mean a point like the ACLU has lost traction with reality.  Not making this up, folks.
  8. The libs are all giddy over a decade old issue of alleged torture level interrogation by the CIA that ended in 2009.  This came in the form of a Democrats-only 6000 page investigation report, for which not a single CIA person was interviewed.  They do not expect anyone to be held accountable.  Still, they say it is a public service. Really!  It will tarnish the image of the United States, give critics ammunition, strain relationships  with allies, aid in the recruitment of American hating terrorists and may actually cause some hard working Americans to be killed.  The only tangible outcome so far is putting America on heightened alert.  Dumb is one thing, but dangerously dumb is scary.  Good job, Feinstein and all you Senate Democrats.
  9. If you think Democrats have not fallen off the sanity wagon, you missed White House explainer, Josh (not-so) Earnest latest spin – or maybe “squirm” is a better word.  The White House damns the actions of the CIA and praises Obama’s appointment of the men who were in charge to more important positions.  And then this … Earnest trying (and not too successfully) to explain why making a captured terrorist feel fear and a bit of intestinal discomfort is less humane than blowing him up, including women and children, with drones directed by the President.  Obama just thinks “war is oh, heck.”
  10. Obama makes the Reverend Al (if-the-IRS-calls-I’m-not-in) Sharpton his lead advisor on race baiting … ooops…. race relations. That is akin to making Vladimir Putin an ambassador of goodwill to the Ukraine.
  11. Joe Biden.  Is that rascal trying out for both parts in “Dumb and Dumber?”
  12. New York Mayor deBlasio must really not like white cops.  He recently said he taught his black son of the dangers of being black in the face of biased white police.  And now, he insists that only a black cop can be hired to fill a vacancy on his security detail.  Now you know how racism works in the Democratic Party.
  13. Rather than releasing Gitmo prisoners without proper supervision and restrictions, Obama just sent some to Uruguay, so THEY can release them without supervision or restrictions.  The President of Uruguay said the soon-again-to-be terrorists are free men and may leave the country at any time.
  14. The Obama immigration policy is based on his belief that if you offer jobs, benefits and amnesty they WON’T come.  This worked so well last time … eh … Mr. President?  His message to the new “arrivals?”  If you like our country, you can keep it.
  15. Eric Holder was FAST to give Mexican drug gangs free guns, but he is now FURIOUS that so many people are upset that the guns were actually used to kill people.  What did he think they would do with the guns?  Use them for croquet mallets
  16. Nancy (reading-bills-is-not-part-of-my-job) Pelosi called Hamas, one of the groups on our terrorist list, a humanitarian organization.  I guess if you come from the same culture as the Mafia, you might come to that conclusion.  (I’m going to catch Hell from my Italian relatives for that one – and deservedly so.)
  17. Harry Reid insists that paying taxes is purely voluntary in America.  Yes, he really says that – and if you are so inclined, go check out the video on the Internet.  He just may have gotten that impression from talking to Al Sharpton.

Well, I have to stop here.  If you wish to share you examples of LIBERALS GONE WILD, feel free.