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DAILY OBSERVATION (Part 2) Who is Terry Bean?

Just hours ago, I used my blog to call attention to the case of Donny Ray Williams, a high level Democrat operative who just plead guilty to being a serial rapist.  His story was mostly ignored by the press in favor of a Republican lady who criticized the Obama daughters apearance.

Now cometh Terry Bean.  He is the founder of a national gay rights organization, a $500,000 contributor to Obama, and the President’s personal guest for at least one ride on Air Force One — a high privilege afforded to only a true insider.  According to Wikipedia, Terry Bean is “an American political fundraiser, a civil rights activist, and a pioneer of the LGBT rights movement.”

The 66-year-old Democrat operative was recently arrested, along with is 25-year-old ex boyfriend, who joined Bean in visiting Obama at the White House.  They were both arrested for sexual assault involving a 15-year-old boy.  The arrest involved betrayal, videos of sexual encounters, extortion and every thing else the salacious press usually thrives on.

Again, the Main Stream Media, for the most part, ignored the story.  It did get a brief mention on CNN and was picked up by Bill O’Reilly on FOX, but nothing on the networks or the major newspapers.

There may be more in the future as the story did get at least some media attention and is going around the blogger world.  After several days of more and more revelations, the press could not remain silent on Jonathan Gruber.  But, Like Gruber case, the Main Stream Media proves itself to be more than reluctant to cover any story that runs counter to their pro-liberal biases.

DAILY OBSERVATION: Who is Donny Ray Williams?

I was poking around the Internet on the story about Elizabeth Lauten — you know, that GOP staffer who went on line to criticize the President’s daughters.

Her comments were most certainly inappropriate.  Going after the non-adult children of any politician is just wrong.  Malia and Sasha were doing nothing wrong and, frankly, I thought their attire was just fine for the occasion (their dad pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey).  The criticism was merely a matter of misplaced opinion, at best, or mean-spirited partisanship, at worst.

The internet sleuths discovered that, according to the press, Lauten had “quite a rap sheet.”  They noted the 31-year-old Lauten was charged with shoplifting at age 17 and was issued a speeding ticket at 19.  To me “quite a rap sheet” needs more that youthful indiscretions – not that I am excusing either event.

Having said all that, I still find the massive publicity roll out as quite incredible.  You would have thought that Lauten was guilty of some egregious crime – at least one Class A felony.  The hyperventilating hyperbole crowd called her online comments “cyber bullying” – the latest over stated political correctness pseudo crime.  As always, application of the exaggerated charge demeans serous and damaging bullying.

Of course, the liberal Democrat megaphone, amplified, as usual, by a subservient press, suggested that this is yet another example of universal Republican or conservative thinking.   The event was hyped so much that it was actually a topic in a Josh Earnst White House briefing.

In fact, this was nothing more than an obscure GOP employee offering up a tasteless and inappropriate comment.  It did not deserve the publicity it got, and she probably should have suffered no more than a verbal admonishment from her boss.

The media and blogger feeding frenzy was more immediate and more extensive than a number of other real news stories – Benghazi, finding the IRS Lerner emails, the several caught-on-tape Jonathan Gruber admissions of official deceit in passing Obamacare and others.  In these cases, the Main Stream Media takes on the role of political censor.

Oh, What about Donny Ray Williams?

No, I did not affix the wrong headline to this blog.  The fact that most of you have to do a name search on Google to discover almost anything about this guy is also very telling.

For almost 15 years, Williams has been a top Democrat operative, having works for Homeland Security, Senator Mary Landreau (D-LA), Representative Elija Cummings (D-MD), Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and even the Obama White House for a brief stent.   During that time, he has also been a serial rapist.

In return for dropping 10 charges of sexual assault, Williams confessed to two.  He played at the highest levels of the Democrat hierarchy, commits arguably 10 Class-A crimes against women, and nothing in the daily news stories.

This is just another example of the outrageous imbalance of reporting by the Main Stream Media.  Since the start of the Obama administration, the liberal lean of most news outlets has collapsed in to a mere repetition of talking points and narratives emanating from the Democratic Party.

It is no wonder that despite all the demonizing by the Main Stream Media, FOX News dominates the ratings.  In the tradition that you can lead a horse to water, but not make it drink, the Main Stream Press is yet to discover that you can dish out propaganda-as-news, but you cannot make the public swallow it.

DAILY OBSERVATON: The Gruber Controversey is extremely important for what it reveals.

In Jonathan Gruber’s fits of arrogant braggadocio, this overpaid “architect of Obamacare” has clumsily informed the public of what critics had alleged all along.  The President’s legacy legislative accomplishment was passed on the bases of ignorance (having not read the bill), lies, and knowingly false financial projections.

This is not simply later events failing to live up to honest expectations.  The entire Obama administration was involved in a complex conspiracy to mislead the public.  Thanks to Gruber, there is now a public wariness of a deceitful lame-duck president descending the slope of public trust and confidence.

The revelations have significant importance because they change the metrics going forward.  They make it more credible for the Republican Congress to do radical surgery on the Affordable Care Act.  Gruber provides testimony that may well influence courts dealing with Obamacare.

He also exposes just how compromised the Main Stream Media has been.  They not only parroted the Obama/Gruber talking points without question, they relegated critics to a collection of flint-hearted idiots.

In bragging that his and Obama’s deception was only possible because of the stupidity of the American public, Gruber lays bare the inner guts of liberal philosophy.  While left wing adherents appear in public wearing a “sheep’s skin” of compassion and beneficence, their paternalism is predicated on a fundamental belief in both their intellectual and moral superiority.   It is a belief that produces an authoritarian lust for power manifest in excessive regulation, confiscatory taxation and redistribution of wealth to subservient classes – and all this carried out under a rubric that the ends always justify the means.

Gruber’s claim of pandemic stupidity proves the opposite.  His lies and deceits were necessary to circumvent the intelligence of the public.  By his own words, had the public known the truth, Obamacare would not have become the law of the land.

Ironically, Gruber’s arrogance has been a great service to the nation, because it produced the truth that has now risen in repudiation of his own cynical campaign of disinformation.