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NEWS TO MUSE: Plummeting Credibility, Glass Houses and a Civic Lesson for a President

The Media Spin Cycle

“Survey shows that US uninsured rate has plummeted.”  That was the headline in my morning Sun Sentinel newspaper.  The most “plummeting” came from states with the highest uninsured rates (well duh!) and that had set up state exchanges (another, well duh!).  But, that was NOT the story.  Let us recall that Obamacare was to provide coverage for between 35 and 40 million Americans – and a lot of young people.  Without that, Obamacare will either crash and burn, or will be propped up by ever increasing truck loads of taxpayer money until the entire American economy crashes and burns.  Once I read the story, I found it depends on what you mean by “plummeting.”  The news article was based on a Gallup survey.  “It found that nationwide the rate of uninsured adults declined from 17.3 percent in 2013 to 13.8 percent last year,” quoting the news report.  That’s a 3.5 percent improvement over two years.  This is not even the Obamacare impact because some percentage must be attributable to the lowering unemployment rate, with workers getting company sponsored insurance coverage.  I am sure this spin will cause President Obama to continue his daily exercise of running victory laps.  He habitually claims victories by continuing to lower the definition of success.  If you think that is an unfair assessment, you should recall when Obama said his stimulus package reduce unemployment to 6 percent in 6 month.  It took six years (and the successes of a lot of Republican governors) to reach that mark.  But still, the victory lap.  He is still taking victory laps over his Middle East anti-terrorist policy (ending a war in Iraq that is still raging with US boots on the ground), and you know how that is going.  He still speaks proudly of his international coalition, although their presence is nowhere to be seen.  The simple fact is that Obamacare enrollment is far below the target figure of even dubious sustainability, and the young folks are not signing up.  The only thing I see plummeting is the President’s credibility.

What’s Good for the Gander ain’t so Good for the Goose

Speaking of plummeting credibility, Hillary Clinton’s creds as a feminist maybe taking a dive.   One of the cable news stations (not sure which one since I channel surf) reported that Hillary’s recently announced campaign team does not have a single woman in leadership.  Another reported that while she was Secretary of State, the female staffers were paid less than the boys.  If you want to break through glass ceilings, it is better not to live in a glass house.  That’s a double “tks tsk” for Lady Clinton.  And by the way … she has recently become harder to find than Waldo.  Maybe that’s because her poll numbers are better when she is not talking.

This Kid Could not be Obama’s Son

Remember when President Obama said that Travon Martin could have been his son – although Obama doesn’t have a son.  I am sure Obama would not say that about 12-year-old C.J Pearson — maybe because the kid obviously loves America so much.  I think he has a better response to Rudy Giuliani’s calling out Obama than any of the GOP presidential candidates.  If you have not seen the video, check it out.  http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/whoa-watch-this-12-year-old-student-destroy-obama-about-isis-awesome/

Obamacare is taking away free medical care for the poor … a personal reflection published in the Florida Sun Sentinel on December21, 2014

Obamacare is destroying free medical care for the poor. According to a recent report, many free clinics are closing all across the country, citing Obamacare as the reason. People who were led to believe they would be receiving coverage under Obamacare, but are now ineligible, are losing their free care, too.

This subject was missing from the Obamacare debate because the White House did not want it known that a millions of uninsured Americans were already getting very good free medical treatment, or to know that many of them would be losing it.
Once, when self-employed and unable to afford health insurance, I was directed to a Chicago free clinic. After a means testing review, I was accepted.
For things like X-rays, patients were sent to a county hospital. Despite the problem of long waits in the ER, this was not the case for scheduled tests. In my two visits, I was seen immediately.

I received first-class treatment at no cost — no co-pay, no “donut hole,” no deductible. When I was able to afford insurance again, I felt like I was taking a step down.

Here again, government is driving out a great private-sector solution, and the poor are the losers.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

Copyright © 2014, Sun Sentinel

DAILY OBSERVATON: The Gruber Controversey is extremely important for what it reveals.

In Jonathan Gruber’s fits of arrogant braggadocio, this overpaid “architect of Obamacare” has clumsily informed the public of what critics had alleged all along.  The President’s legacy legislative accomplishment was passed on the bases of ignorance (having not read the bill), lies, and knowingly false financial projections.

This is not simply later events failing to live up to honest expectations.  The entire Obama administration was involved in a complex conspiracy to mislead the public.  Thanks to Gruber, there is now a public wariness of a deceitful lame-duck president descending the slope of public trust and confidence.

The revelations have significant importance because they change the metrics going forward.  They make it more credible for the Republican Congress to do radical surgery on the Affordable Care Act.  Gruber provides testimony that may well influence courts dealing with Obamacare.

He also exposes just how compromised the Main Stream Media has been.  They not only parroted the Obama/Gruber talking points without question, they relegated critics to a collection of flint-hearted idiots.

In bragging that his and Obama’s deception was only possible because of the stupidity of the American public, Gruber lays bare the inner guts of liberal philosophy.  While left wing adherents appear in public wearing a “sheep’s skin” of compassion and beneficence, their paternalism is predicated on a fundamental belief in both their intellectual and moral superiority.   It is a belief that produces an authoritarian lust for power manifest in excessive regulation, confiscatory taxation and redistribution of wealth to subservient classes – and all this carried out under a rubric that the ends always justify the means.

Gruber’s claim of pandemic stupidity proves the opposite.  His lies and deceits were necessary to circumvent the intelligence of the public.  By his own words, had the public known the truth, Obamacare would not have become the law of the land.

Ironically, Gruber’s arrogance has been a great service to the nation, because it produced the truth that has now risen in repudiation of his own cynical campaign of disinformation.