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Here is my take on Obama’s Middle East policy as published in the Miami Herald on January 25, 2015

In Chicago de-Nile is a river in Egypt.  In Washington, denial is a Middle Eastern policy.


Miami Herald

Letter to the Editor

January 25, 2015

I found it interesting and most telling, that President Obama didn’t mention Israel in his State of the Union address — even as he spoke optimistically about our newfound relationship with Iran and made false claims about our “victories” over a terrorism that has no name.

His most dangerous foreign policy may well be his actions that favor the enemies of Israel and, therefore, the United States.

There is a new holocaust occurring in the world today, and even many Jews are turning their backs on that reality. Pope Francis criticizes capitalism while ignoring those Christians, Jews and Muslims being slaughtered. The United Nations does nothing to stop the genocide.

It all makes the “never again” mantra seem a bit empty.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

DAILY OBSERVATION: More American decline under Obama

No matter when this nation reaches healthy economic growth, a 4 percent unemployment rate and the end of mounting debt President Obama will take a victory lapse — claiming the recovery was due to his policies.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Two events of significant economic impact occurred this week.  I think they did not get the media coverage they deserve.

Our national debt just surpassed $18 trillion — which many economist say is already unsustainable.  That is a polite way to say there is a major economic crash built into the future.

The second is the fact that the United States is no longer the number one economy in the word.  China, which we still refer to as a third world country, has surpassed us.  Not long ago, the most pessimistic prognosticators did not think that would happen for another 15 to 20 years.  They were wrong because they underestimated Obama’s ability to retard the American economy.  This is the first time since 1870 that America failed to lead the world.

We should not forget that Obama policies dropped the American credit rate below triple-A.  This means all that borrowed money was going to cost the taxpayers a lot more money.

The painful slow motion recovery has been the result White House policies.  It is the slowest recovery in American history.  You may recall that Obama promised that if we gave him that stimulus package in the spring of 2009, we would see unemployment drop to 6.7 percent by September.  Instead, it took six years.

The recovery has been slow because Obama has pursued growth only in welfare and wealth redistribution,  He has shackled the all important small business sector with debilitating regulations.  He has refused to support growth policies such as the Keystone Pipeline.

The fact that the economic numbers are looking better is the result of speedier recoveries in states where Republican governors have enacted free-market policies.  Without those statistics, America would still be languishing in the lower levels of the recession.

Our radically ill economy would have recovered much sooner had Obama not been standing on the air hose.