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Here is my take on Rubio in Florida as published in the Sun Sentinel.

I just discovered that the Sun Sentinel had published my earlier letter.  I still think Rubio need to consider exiting, I am sorry to say.

Florida Sun Sentinel

Letters to the Editor

Friday, March 4, 2016

 Rubio may have tough choice ahead

I have been in the Marco Rubio camp even before he announced for president. I preferred him when there were 16 other choices.

If Rubio is still in the race on March 15, I will give him my vote as the only person with a chance of preventing Donald Trump from securing the Florida delegates. I would urge Ted Cruz and John Kasich supporters to do the same. If Trump takes Florida, it is not only Rubio who loses, but Cruz and Kasich will also be out of the running.

There is another option. If Rubio’s internal polls showing him losing to Trump by more than 5 percentage points, and he will then know his fate, he should do what is best for America, withdraw and throw his support to Cruz as the only candidate who can possibly sidetrack the Trump nomination.

It is also to Rubio’s long-term advantage. If he were to make such a sacrifice for the sake of the nation, he will have a bright future. He will be one of those political profiles in courage. If he stays against all odds for the sake of some irrational egocentric glimmer of hope, he will have done a great disservice to himself and the nation, and placed his political future in grave doubt.

It pains me to admit that my candidate may no longer be viable, but we are presented with a world as it is, not as we wish it to be.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

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Here is my comparsion of Clinton and Rubio announcements as published in the Miami Herald on April 16, 2015

Miami Herald

Letters to the Editor

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rubio is for Real

 On Sunday, Hillary Clinton used a carefully crafted video advertisement to announce her bid for the presidency.

In claiming to get closer to the people, the Clinton campaign used a vehicle that totally insulated her from the public — a sterile television ad. In an effort to “be real,” Clinton was nothing more than a well-scripted actor in a professionally crafted commercial.

By contrast, Marco Rubio took the stage in Miami’s Freedom Tower — a real person in real life.

There was no crew to handle body language and lighting.

There were no retakes. More than 3,000 people came to hear his unedited words. They cheered as he spoke of his vision.

With Rubio, it was like attending a football game, while with Clinton, it was like seeing an ad to buy a ticket to the game.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

Here is my take on Hillary’s media tour as published in the Palm Beach Post on April 17, 2015

This has been edited down a bit, but you get the idea.  In the name of meeting the public, Hillary is merely setting up a bunch of advertising shoots with people brought in to play the foils.  No Questions.  Wouldn’t you like to hear what she would do about the mass murdering of Christians in the Middle East, or her opinion on the Iran negotiations, or the advances of ISIS into Afghanistan?  And look how easy it is for her to sucker in the press.

Palm Beach Post

Friday, April 17, 2015

 Communication for Clinton is one-way

Hillary Clinton did a presidential candidacy announcement, to be followed up by a series of small conversations as a way to get closer to “the people.”

This — and the road trip to Iowa via one-on-one meetings with carefully selected “average citizens” — does not get her closer to public scrutiny. It insulates her from it. It enables her to create a series of carefully crafted commercials, with little opportunity for the press or the public to ask questions. For Clinton, communication is a one-way street. It is the reason she used private email servers — to avoid having her public communications open to review under the Freedom of Information Act.

This high degree of “message control” by political leaders is dangerous to a free society where a high level of transparency and candor is necessary to an informed voting public.


NEWS TO MUSE: Happy days, Billy did it, a one horse race and getting old in America

“I am happy to report …

Almost all past surveys have shown that conservatives are much happier people than liberals – and they have given a lot of reasons for that.  Weeeeell … liberals could not stand for that, so they produced a new study with a different methodology, of course.

In the old studies, the subjects were asked to evaluate their feeling according to some established criteria. The “new methodology” uses the judgment of shrinks to determine the subjects happiness based on some arbitrary evaluation of social media posting.  They decided that liberals were happier because they were honest about their sad feelings, and the conservatives were hiding there true feelings – lying, if you will.

Just another example of how liberals ALWAYS know better about you and me than we do ourselves.  It is the foundation of their entire philosophy.

FOOTNOTE:  I have my own theory on the happiness issue.  I think the liberal population is composed of a lot of people in fear of just about everything – and they want to blame their fears on external forces beyond their responsibility and control.  Ergo, they want external agencies, especially government, to make them feel safer – protect them for their own phobias.  They need a “big brother” to save them from their constant fear of modified foods, motorcycles, any businesses serving the public, second-hand cigarette smoke, hard liquor, patriotism, tap water, pipelines, rich people, atomic annihilation, white policemen, guns, testosterone, religious people, raw beef, corporations, tea parties, Oreo cookies, warm weather, 42 oz. colas, salt, atomic energy, states’ rights, cell phones, school choice, artificial sweeteners, gas production, free speech,  super sized anything, NASCAR races, and the possibility of the sky falling.  Above all, they are afraid of the risks of personal freedom.  Pretty difficult to be happy with the burden of all those worries resting on one’s left shoulder.

The “jumping in the lake” excuse

When my mother admonished me not to do something that was wrong, and I point out that Billy did it, she would say: “If Billy jumped in the lake would you do it too?”

It appears Hillary Clinton’s defenders never met my mother.  In response to Lady Hillary’s clearly wrong, and maybe illegal, concealment of her official State Department emails, the main Democratic talking point is “that’s what Colin Powell did … or Jeb Bush.”  Setting aside for the moment why even the comparisons are not valid, the whole excuse is bogus.  I could hardly get away with robbing a bank by saying that Bonnie and Clyde did it, too.

Methinks, Mrs. Clinton’s actions must be judged on her own conduct, and that is exactly why the captives of the left are changing the subject.

Hillary to win, place and show

Every time some Hillary promoter brags how far ahead she is in the presidential race, I wonder if they noticed that no one else is in the race.  I am sure she can be no one, but what happens if some other Democrat gets in the race?

They also say that she is ahead of all the GOP candidates.  As the only Democrat currently running, and with her high name recognition thanks to those many scandals, of course she is ahead of the 26 Republicans who may or may not run.  At this stage of the game, her lead means nothing.  Once the GOP field gets narrowed, I predict her early lead in the polls will vanish like her alleged private emails and the Rose Law Firm records.  I further predict that by Election Day, she will be behind in the only poll that matters – the vote booth.  That, of course, is if she IS the Democratic candidate.  I am not totally convinced.

Live longer through Social Security

Social Security is a perfect government program.  They should be proud of extending the life expectancy of Americans.  Yes, indeed.  According to Social Security records, more than 6 million of our fellow citizens have passed the age of 112 – compared to fewer than 40 (and that is not millions) in the rest of the world.  The oldest American, according to the folks running the Social Security program is 146 years old – a world record.  A small number of them must be in pretty good health because they are still using credit cards.  A few are still getting checks.

I am not sure about you, but I am suspicious that there may be an error in the Social Security computers.  A government agency that has been in the business of doling out retirement benefits of 80 years appears to have no effective system for knowing when beneficiaries have moved on to the great perhaps.  Makes me wonder how many billions of taxpayer dollars have gone to the dearly departed – or at least the person who still gets their mail.