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NEWS TO MUSE: Safe for seven days, the policy of the pucker, the god Janus in DC, Putin channeling Stalin.

Its déjà vu all over again.

Seems like every day is Ground Hog Day.  Well, I guess that is the point.  I am thinking of the cliff hanger controversy over the funding of the Department of Home Security.  Not sure about you, but I was not worried.  All the media hype, all the speculation and all the concocted drama were for naught.  It was like looking at a predictable mystery movie over and over again.  Did anyone really doubt the outcome?  As with the previous shut down and debt ceiling debates, the outcome was 100 percent predictable.  Even from my vantage point deep in the grassroots, I have a perfect record of predicting the outcomes in these situations.  Republicans make an attempt to stop run-away spending.  Democrats resist and scare the Hell out of the public.  Republicans fold.  What I do not understand is why the GOP leaders keep using certain-to-lose strategies.  If they wanted to work this strategy with an eye to winning, they should have tied the immigration issue to the funding of the IRS, or the Department of Education.  The public would love to see the IRS shut down.  Shutting down the DOE would have Democrats squirming in attempts to show its importance.  In fact, shutting down the DOE for a while might help make the case for abolishing it permanently.

Boehner blowing kisses.

I just have to say it.  House Speaker John Boehner’s last press conference was an embarrassment.  His arrogant attitude was bad enough. His snide remarks were awful.  But, the air kiss to the press??  What was that all about?  Boehner has never been a good strategist.  He has never been an effective spokesman for the GOP.  Even his just-from-the-Bahamas look does not project the best image.   If the folly of another phony shut down debate and his sophomoric antics at the podium result in his being replaced, perhaps all the pretend drama was worth it.

The two faces of the Obama administration.

The Obama administration produces some of the craziest news days.  The latest is Secretary John Kerry announcing to America that we are safer today than any time in the past 150 years.  This despite the biggest attacks on American soil since the British invaded in 1812 – not to mention those deadly attacks on American people and property abroad.   The situation is so dangerous that we have public warning system to alert of potential terrorist attacks.  We have guards and metal detectors in government and high target public buildings.  Every now and then, we hear about some deadly “lone wolf” attack.  While Kerry paints the political narrative of “peace and prosperity,”  Obama’s head of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is telling Congress that 2014 was the most dangerous year ever, and 2015 is poised to exceed it.  The stark difference is easy to explain.  Kerry represents the political side of the administration, where false political narratives trump truth.  You see that in the rosy economic statements coming from the White House.  Clapper represents the professional side of government.  He is under oath to tell the truth to congressional committees.  So, who do you believe?

From Russia with love.

Russian President Putin’s most powerful critic, Boris Nemtsov, was shot dead on the street just outside the Kremlin.  Proving he is tough on crime, Putin announced that he was handling the investigation himself.  There are two things of which you can be sure.  Putin will most certainly find the killer, and any conspirators, and they will never be brought to justice.  There is a rumor that the person seen running from the scene was a rifle-toting, balding, bare-chested man around 60 years old, and who had a striking similarity to the “Oscar” statuette.  He was last seen ducking into the Kremlin.

Praise for Obama on Crimea … finally.

One of the obligations of an honest critic is to praise when deserved.  It could have been sooner.  It could have been more.  But, I will credit President Obama with taking important symbolic and meaningful action against Vladimir Putin, and his territorial war against the Ukraine.  Obama has cut off the exportation of critical technology to the Crimea province of the Ukraine currently occupied by Russia.  He also imposed sanctions on companies and individuals aiding a Russian takeover.

Yeah, yeah, I know he is only following what Canada and the European Union previously announced.  But lacking a desire for strong leadership, I at least give him credit for good follower-ship — I suppose that is the Obama doctrine of  “leading from behind.”

My view on SHOOTING DOWN MALAYSIAN AIRLINER (as published in the Washington Times on July 24, 2014)


When Israel entered Gaza on the day the Malaysian airliner was shot down, millions of Americans dropped what they were doing to follow the news minute by minute. Well, with one notable exception.  President Obama continued with his political fundraising tour.

Aides suggest the President got belated reports in between handshakes and cocktails. But, that’s not good enough.  He needed to take command of the situation.  There were options and plans to consider.  He needed to contact the State Department and the CIA.

Since it was initially obvious who was responsible for shooting down Flight 17, the President should have used his phone to implement a timely response.

Since international law confers primary responsibility for the crash site on the Ukrainian government and Malaysian Airlines, Obama should have proposed that they invite the U.S. and other affected nations to IMMEDIATELY secure the crash site and commence the investigation.

Obama might have called the heads of state of every nation with victims aboard to enlist their support for a combined military team of approximately 20,000 to travel to the Ukraine to preserve the crime zone.

He could have announce to the world, and made it clear to Putin, that this force is not entering the Ukraine to participate in the conflict, but solely as a humanitarian effort to secure the site and begin the investigation under legal authority. Rather than wait for Putin’s predictable objection, Obama should have had the troops airborne as they spoke.

Obama should then have demanded that Putin order the separatists to step down, and declare that any attack on the international team would be considered a hostile action, and that we would deploy whatever means were necessary to protect the investigators.

I believe that neither Putin nor the separatists would have dared attacked the international investigators. We would have secured the crash site for a truly honest investigation.  We would have dealt with the dead in an expeditious and honorable manner.  And, we very likely would have affected a cease fire during the time of the investigation – which could take months.

In the event of an attack on the international team, we would use overwhelming military might to destroy the combat capability of the attackers. In other words, let us do our job peacefully or suffer the consequents.

Instead, from Obama we get all too familiar empty rhetoric, promises no longer believable and ineffective actions.