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Here is my thoughts on the USE OF THE WORD “REDSKIN” as published in the Washington Times on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Washington Times, The (DC)

Redskins furor is a government creation

October 7, 2014
Section: Letters

The Redskins name controversy is another example of political correctness causing divisiveness (“FCC will consider petition to ban ‘Redskins,'” Web, Sept. 30). The government is not addressing racial tension; it is creating it. I have represented American Indian clients and been awarded honorary American Indian status. I have heard American Indians use the word redskin as a descriptive, not a pejorative. There has been use of the word in tribal mottos and American Indian enterprises. It has appeared in movies and cartoon without any protest of which I am aware. I cannot recall an instance where the word was used in private conversations in a derogatory manner. Historically, there has been racist imagery of American Indians, but the words “Indian” or “redskin” were not racially charged names, no more so than “whites” and “blacks.”

New derogatory implications are the creation of government in the name of political correctness. Once government led the charge, the liberal sycophants joined in. American Indian groups, whose members never complained before, suddenly protested under government encouragement and sponsorship — although others defended the name. The press, which used the word innocently for generations, jumped on the bandwagon in the spirit of pseudo-enlightenment. Now the federal government again wants to take a bite out of the First Amendment and ban the word.

I say, “Go, Redskins.”


Boca Raton, Fla.