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Here is my take on Rubio in Florida as published in the Sun Sentinel.

I just discovered that the Sun Sentinel had published my earlier letter.  I still think Rubio need to consider exiting, I am sorry to say.

Florida Sun Sentinel

Letters to the Editor

Friday, March 4, 2016

 Rubio may have tough choice ahead

I have been in the Marco Rubio camp even before he announced for president. I preferred him when there were 16 other choices.

If Rubio is still in the race on March 15, I will give him my vote as the only person with a chance of preventing Donald Trump from securing the Florida delegates. I would urge Ted Cruz and John Kasich supporters to do the same. If Trump takes Florida, it is not only Rubio who loses, but Cruz and Kasich will also be out of the running.

There is another option. If Rubio’s internal polls showing him losing to Trump by more than 5 percentage points, and he will then know his fate, he should do what is best for America, withdraw and throw his support to Cruz as the only candidate who can possibly sidetrack the Trump nomination.

It is also to Rubio’s long-term advantage. If he were to make such a sacrifice for the sake of the nation, he will have a bright future. He will be one of those political profiles in courage. If he stays against all odds for the sake of some irrational egocentric glimmer of hope, he will have done a great disservice to himself and the nation, and placed his political future in grave doubt.

It pains me to admit that my candidate may no longer be viable, but we are presented with a world as it is, not as we wish it to be.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

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