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Obama’s State of the Union. File under “Fiction.”

I would have offered my analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union speech, but it took me time to get over the shock.  His tendency to take victory laps following defeats reached its zenith in the State of the Union speech.  This even surpasses his response to the shellacking he got on Election Day.  You know … when he said he still has the support of all those who did not vote.  What he described was not the state of our union, but a spin on reality that is usually reserved for hyperbolic campaign speeches, where repudiating facts are not so obvious and available.

Most notably, the President engaged in political hypocrisy by proposing programs that have zero chance of passing Congress, something he was very critical of when the GOP was pushing Obamacare repeal.

His assessment of the economy was surreal. Yes, there is some long delayed improvement – a longer recovery than any recession in American history.  The stock market is booming, but it is due to the higher profits achieved by shedding the cost of all those unemployed Americans and not hiring them back.  The government unemployment figure is a sham because it does not include all those folks who are unemployed, but are no longer counted as such.  The rate of unemployment is less important than the average income, and that is down yet.

The real hardship is seen in the surge in food stamps – from 17 million when he took office to 48 million today, and still increasing.

All his policies reflect his bias – shifting jobs and wealth from the free market of the private sector, where you and I make the consumer decisions, to more public sector jobs and government wealth redistribution where Washington makes the spending decisions.

His Capital Gains tax will kill private sector job creation, as it always does.  He makes no mention of the avalanche of costly regulations his administration has imposed on the private sector job producers.

Those students who cheer another couple thousand dollars for education, need to check out the tens of thousands his programs will be costing them in the future as they start paying for them.  Also, this subsidized money for college will increase tuitions, just as students loans did.

While he brags about reductions in the annual deficit, he makes no mention of the continued run-away growth in the far more dangerous national debt.  At a time when federal spending is at or past the sustainability point, he offers up trillions more to be placed on the back of future generations – now exceeding $18 trillion.  Obama is running the economic train at full throttle heading into a future derailment.

His new tax burdens on banks will be passed on to consumers – rich and poor.  Liberals never understand that you cannot tax businesses because it only becomes a cost that is passed on to the consumer.  The only thing that is taxable is the productivity of a human being.  Everything else is a device to conceal that fact.  If you believe that a property tax is a tax on property, next time you get the bill, give the government your garage.

If the President’s rose colored view of the economy was surreal, his victory claims in foreign policy were delusional.  The war is not over in Afghanistan, and we are not sure which side will win.  Our withdrawal from Iraq paved the way for ISIS.  Obama’s empty words on Syria has left us in a no win position.  Russia now controls the Crimea and still pressing to takeover of the Ukraine.  Iran is relieved of sanctions as the charade of negotiations goes on.  Central Africa is characterized the unimaginable brutal Muslim genocide at the hands of Boka Haram.  They are making Nazis look like boy scouts.  Yemen, which only months ago he cited as one of his policy accomplishments, has now fallen to the Anti-American Iran-supported rebels.  As we play patty cake with the Iran regime, they continue to export terrorism against the West.

There have been terrorist attacks on France, Canada, Australia, the United States and scores of other nations.  The Terrorists are gain significant control of the Middle East and Central Africa.  Beyond Yemen, there is Somalia and Nigeria.  He takes not notice of Venezuela as a base for South American Muslim Terrorism – exporting terrorist cells to nations throughout the continent, as well as the United States.  Nation after nation is moving from U.S. ally to U.S. enemy.

It is noteworthy that Obama said nothing about Israel, preferring to brag about our new found camaraderie with Iran.  His omission signals to the world that the Obama White House does not see Israel as our strongest, most consistent and most important ally in the Middle East, maybe in the world.  Such an omission cannot be an oversight.  His consistently soft approach on Muslim terrorism cannot be seen as anything less than a pro-Arab bias.

These are not just my opinions.  Most Internet fact checkers are giving the President any number of “Pinocchios” for his State of the Union address.

I am not sure if any American president has given a State of the Union speech so removed from reality.  The world is in the grips of a new holocaust, and Obama would like us to believe that he has created an international Garden of Eden.

I am not into conspiratorial theories.  I have always believed Obama is American born.  I do not think he is some sort of Manchurian Candidate Muslim.   But, I cannot find a rational explanation for policies so detrimental to American interests, here and abroad.

Based on his back ground, I am confident that he came to office as a lifelong hard left hater of traditional American values of limited government, personal freedom, free enterprise and world leadership.  He believes we are a racist nation, when the vast majority of evidence proves the opposite.

I know we elected a president with no exposed record and little qualifying experience. Perhaps, it is this toxic combination that has produced arguable the worst and most dangerous president in American history.

Praise for Obama on Crimea … finally.

One of the obligations of an honest critic is to praise when deserved.  It could have been sooner.  It could have been more.  But, I will credit President Obama with taking important symbolic and meaningful action against Vladimir Putin, and his territorial war against the Ukraine.  Obama has cut off the exportation of critical technology to the Crimea province of the Ukraine currently occupied by Russia.  He also imposed sanctions on companies and individuals aiding a Russian takeover.

Yeah, yeah, I know he is only following what Canada and the European Union previously announced.  But lacking a desire for strong leadership, I at least give him credit for good follower-ship — I suppose that is the Obama doctrine of  “leading from behind.”

My view on SHOOTING DOWN MALAYSIAN AIRLINER (as published in the Washington Times on July 24, 2014)


When Israel entered Gaza on the day the Malaysian airliner was shot down, millions of Americans dropped what they were doing to follow the news minute by minute. Well, with one notable exception.  President Obama continued with his political fundraising tour.

Aides suggest the President got belated reports in between handshakes and cocktails. But, that’s not good enough.  He needed to take command of the situation.  There were options and plans to consider.  He needed to contact the State Department and the CIA.

Since it was initially obvious who was responsible for shooting down Flight 17, the President should have used his phone to implement a timely response.

Since international law confers primary responsibility for the crash site on the Ukrainian government and Malaysian Airlines, Obama should have proposed that they invite the U.S. and other affected nations to IMMEDIATELY secure the crash site and commence the investigation.

Obama might have called the heads of state of every nation with victims aboard to enlist their support for a combined military team of approximately 20,000 to travel to the Ukraine to preserve the crime zone.

He could have announce to the world, and made it clear to Putin, that this force is not entering the Ukraine to participate in the conflict, but solely as a humanitarian effort to secure the site and begin the investigation under legal authority. Rather than wait for Putin’s predictable objection, Obama should have had the troops airborne as they spoke.

Obama should then have demanded that Putin order the separatists to step down, and declare that any attack on the international team would be considered a hostile action, and that we would deploy whatever means were necessary to protect the investigators.

I believe that neither Putin nor the separatists would have dared attacked the international investigators. We would have secured the crash site for a truly honest investigation.  We would have dealt with the dead in an expeditious and honorable manner.  And, we very likely would have affected a cease fire during the time of the investigation – which could take months.

In the event of an attack on the international team, we would use overwhelming military might to destroy the combat capability of the attackers. In other words, let us do our job peacefully or suffer the consequents.

Instead, from Obama we get all too familiar empty rhetoric, promises no longer believable and ineffective actions.