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Here is my view on CAMPAIGN SPENDING as published in the Florida Sun-Sentinel on November 10, 2014

Super PACs threw more money behind Democrats

In a recent Sun Sentinel “South Florida 100,” Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) suggested we should be “disgusted” by the $4 billion spent on the recent federal election. This lament is hypocritical since the biggest donors were Democrats — contrary to the Democrat’s mythical narrative.

So-called super PACs provided $228.4 billion to Democrats and $109.5 billion to Republicans. The Democrats are the party of billionaires. Thomas Steyer gave an astonishing $74.2 million to Democrats. The closet Republican was Paul Singer at a paltry $9.7 million. The much maligned Koch brothers gave only $2.3 million each — earning them the 23rd and 25th spots on the “deep pockets” list.

Democratic billionaires who produced that $228.4 billion include James Simons, George Soros, David Bonderman and Laurie Michaels, Reid Hoffman, Jon Stryker, Pat Stryker, John Doerr, Robert and Ann Bass, Marc Benioff and Laurene Powell Jobs.

In terms of organizations donating, the National Education Association topped the list at $20 million, all to Democrats. The Democratic Governors Association donated $8.1 million compared to the Republican counterpart, which kicked in only $2.9 million.

Happily, this also proves that money is not the determining factor in winning elections. Politics will always attract major donations, but we should at least disregard the pitiful “poor” mouth prevarications of the Democrats. By all measures, they are the rich man’s party.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton

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