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>We have all been reading a lot lately about the prolonged agony known as the Democrat presidential campaign. It is the fashion to express weariness over the pugilistic presidential match between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Ask any citizen if he or she is tired of the daily reports from the hustings, and you will get the socially acceptable answer, “yes.”

Methinks beneath the veneer of disdain lies a truer answer that comes from our delightful darker nature. As one fellow blogger confessed, “I don’t care who wins, I just want this battle to wage on.”

Exactly! This is great theater. It is the best reality show on television. No television script writer would have conjured a more thrilling plot. For sure, Republicans have the added joy of watching the Democrat party self destruct, but even without that partisan benefit, this is still great entertainment. The first serious black candidate faces the first serious female candidate. A former president is the hubby of the lady candidate. And who could have invented such supporting antagonists as the fiery race-baiting Pastor Jeremiah Wright, the unrepentant terrorist-cum-college professor William Ayers and political padrone indictee Anthony Rezko.

And what great subplots. Shuffling the primaries until they make no sense at all. Disenfranchising two of the most important states. Debate over whether one of the candidates is a Christian or a closet Muslim. A candidate who recalls a young girl presenting flowers as deadly sniper fire. You cannot make this stuff up – and we don’t have to.

On the GOP side, we have a guy who was imprisoned for five years in Vietnam, and now hopes to be the oldest – and crankiest — man ever to run for president of the United States – and he campaigns WITH HIS MOTHER.

This makes American Idol look like an Ames Iowa community access cable show. And we want it to stop? Hillary! Please. Please. Please do not drop out. There are still more primaries. Think of all the Jeremiah Wrights, William Ayers and “bitter remarks” that can go off like land minds at any moment. Make those super delegates sweat. Better yet, make them deal like middle eastern bazaar merchants at the convention. Bring on the fight over the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegations.

Maybe that’s too much to hope for, but let’s stop pretending we’re not enjoying the drama and trauma of it all.

>OBSERVATON: A history making election

>This year’s presidential election is a breaking every barrier. Both parties will smash a 200+ year traditions in one way or another. The Democrats will either nominate the first woman candidate or the first black candidate – well at least the first half black candidate. Apart from the debate over issues and philosophy, that is exciting.

Not to be out done, the Republicans are making history too. They have nominated the oldest white male candidate in history. Is there a clue here as to why the GOP is losing its grip on the American mainstream?